The Stripe.

  1. what do you think of it? :biggrin:
  2. It's cute but I liked their previous signature stripe line a lot better than the new ones.
  3. Not for me..I went to the store in tysons galleria & was about to get the orangish-red colored one w/ the monogramming but while I was there I was still having second thoughts so I said if I feel this way now I better not get it.
  4. I love it!
  5. I saw them in person at the Mall of America Coach store today and I think they're so-so. I'd NEVER wear them inside out like they're shown. Also, the monogramming looks kind of cheap IMHO. Some of the new leather ones were nice but the prices were outrageous.
  6. I haven't seen it IRL but from the pictures it looks really pretty.
  7. i don't really like the monogramming either. :blink: it cheapens the overall look of the bag, imo. :shame:
  8. I've heard the stripe is really thin material and it is not leather. fyi
  9. yeah its all canvas, not leather i think.
  10. Not my style but I might change my mind if I see it in person.
  11. that's bad! :huh: I think it could be nicer but they decided to make more money this way. :sad:
  12. i think the totes are cute...i love the last sig stripe collection, but if they expand the current one, hopefully they'll have even more cute bags.
  13. Don't like them, they look kinda cheap and cheesy to me.
  14. The totes are cute, and seem fairly practical.