The 'strappiest' sandals you can suggest

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  1. I was looking to buy a sandals with a LOT of straps, something for night/clubbing/dinners.

    Something like with this effect:


    But it doesn't have to be Dries Van Noten (like above). I want something with even more straps and if possible, have some straps around the ankles. I've seen some Choos like that but can't remember the name or where I saw.

  2. You might want to post this in the Glass Slipper forum.
  3. I thought of the Neurons.
  4. Ooooh! The Neurons :girlsigh:

    You'll only get CL suggestions here!
  5. I also thought of the Neurons. I don't know where to find them though, aside from ebay.

    Bloody Mary also comes to mind.
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    Givenchi,Choos and CL's and Gucci

    I :heart: the Choos and CL's

    Choos: Seattle or Corsica

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  7. my choice goes out to the Choo Atlas

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  8. I know these Zanotti's aren't sandals but I saw them in another thread and LOVE them...

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  9. Definitely the CL or Choo Atlas that others have already posted.:tup: JC makes really cool-looking strappy sandals IMO so I'd look around at their styles!
  10. ahertz, I love that! I saw that on Shop Bop and made it an option.

    But I'm really leaning towards the JC Atlas. I love almost all the suggestions. Oh decisions, decisions...

    Thanks for all the suggestions peeps!
  11. Ooh, what about the Dolce Vita Chastity? I've seen them in person in a metallic pewter and they are cool! They are on Shopbop and Zappos.

    Hm, couldn't get the pic in the post but here's the link: