The Strap of my Bella Bella Came Apart!!!

  1. I was walking on the street last week and suddenly my purse just fell!
    I was stunned - my purse was on the ground!
    I was like, "what the :cursing: just happened???"
    To my horror I saw that the connecting part of the bag to the strap came apart...
    Thank god I was already on the sidewalk so I could somewhat compose myself and squinted to look for the rivets/studs. Luckily I could find them...
    It's really disappointing cause I don't really abuse the bag - I've only used it a handful of times and it's not like I carry bricks in there... For the price we pay for the purses, I should at least think they won't fall apart so easily :sad:
    I guess I could fix it myself but it still really ticks me off!
    Has this ever happened to anyone else? I remembered some postings about faulty/stiff zippers but not something like this... Does LeSportsac do repairs etc? Plus since I am in Malaysia, the consumer protection blah blah isn't as good as over in the States
    Here's some photos of how it looks like now...
    eNVii_tOkii_BBstrap1.jpg eNVii_tOkii_BBstrap2.jpg eNVii_tOkii_BBstrap3.jpg
  2. omg. i'd be so mad. Where did you get it from?
  3. I got it from eBay... but it came in Macy's bag... maybe I'm just unlucky :sad:
  4. i heard that the older bellas and bella bellas have a tendency to break... well it's still fixable but yeah I've heard that it happens sometimes
  5. aw, noooo.. :/!!
  6. There was an original print Stellina on eBay this week with a missing rivet. It had been replaced with a plain silver one. It still sold for close to $80!

    Some rivets screw together but I guess that is not the case with these? Since you have both pieces you could try Super Glue. Or some jewelers glue.
  7. I thought someone said in another forum their rivet broke as well but they just got some type of pliers (with cloth over the rivet so it doesn't scratch it up) or something and shoved them back together
  8. Thanks! that's what I was planning to do - use some pliers and press them back together hard with a cloth over them
    Yup they're not threaded that's why they easily come off
    Well, at least now I know I'm not that "special" :p
  9. This happened to someone on the LJ Toki community.

    "read somewhere in this community about overstuffing bags and having the rivits pop off. well i didnt stuff my bag (bella bella), but held it over my suitcase. i guess it got pushed down somehow, and the rivit came flying off. i was devistated. push come to shove i got some pliers and a wash rag to wrap around the rivit, and clamped it back together good as new! so yes, if any of you have had this happen dont worry, it is quite fixable."
  10. I had the EXACT same problem on my original bambino... TWICE.. first time it happened w/in 48 hrs of me purchasing it... second time 3 wks after I got it... then I made the mistake of sending it back to lesportsac... and they took it!! and only gave me credit back. :crybaby:

    anyhoo... I shoulda just fixed it myself... you can, just squeeze the rivets back, with some glue, and it should hold... but I thought maybe I could get a new one that wasn't defective...

    I think this was a problem with the first season bags.
  11. yikes..i would freak out if my rivets came out! geez we pay so much and thats what happens?? hope you can put it back together like humpty dumpty :lol:
  12. It happened to me too! It was a first season Mamma, I bought it but didn't use it immediately... when I took it out and wanted to use it I saw a hole on the strap and one of the rivets was literally missing (or came off before I even knew it)!!! I ended up returning the bag but was really upset because I wasn't able to find another Mamma ever since!! :sad: :crybaby:
  13. vmasterz you are too funny!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    I used my black w/original print bella bella inside all winter while I was in NY and I was pretty rough w/ didn't break but now I'm worried. I guess I should go easier on my bags :sweatdrop:

    I hope you're able to put it back together as vmasterz said like humpty dumpty!! :graucho:
  14. :lol: im such a kid..humpty dumpty just popped in my head when mentioned "put it back together" :lol: now i can replay the song in my head :nuts:

    juicymario:yeah mammas are hard to find..i didnt even know they existed until someone posted a pic of it :lol:
  15. the same thing happened to my original mamma. that was my first bag from spring 06 & just a couple months ago maybe, the rivet popped out. i couldn't even find it either to try & put it back together. i now have a button there in place of it to hold it back together. i was so bummed, but i still use it, it's just fine now. not like i can get another mamma anyway...