The strangest thing - drinking wine causing a FEVER?

  1. Every time I drink alcohol, I get a fever - I mean a real one, of about 99.5 or higher. Wine seems to be what really sets me off, though. A glass of wine can send me over 100 degrees! I'm literally so hot my husband can't sleep beside me (how's that for an oxymoron!!).

    More booze does not seem have an effect on how warm I get. It's always been like this for me, so I've never thought of it as anything overly strange. I've just assumed that it might be a mild allergy of some kind...?

    Does anyone else ever experience this?
  2. I get flushed and warm when I drink wine... but I don't know if I have a fever as I've never taken my temperature! It happens more often with red wine, and if I drink it fast instead of smaller, spaced apart sips.
  3. you could be allergic. I knew someone who was allergic to acohol in general, but I guess it's possible you could just be allergic to wine.
  4. My SO is Asian and lacks the enzyme to digest alcohol properly so he gets flushed and really, really hot when he drinks it. That's actually common in Asians but can happen to anyone.
  5. does this happen only when you drink red wine? if so you could be allergic to the tannins in the wine... it could also be the natural histamines in the wine, red wines contain more than white wines... or it could be the proteins in the wine which can give "flu-like" symptoms...

    some people are affected by the sulfites too, which is something that naturally occurs in wine, but most wine bought in a wine and spirit store will contain added sulfites to preserve the wine and give a long shelf life....

    a friend of mine cant drink red wine at all, she breaks out in hives and her face turns BRIGHT red...

  6. I was going to say the same thing! Could just be as simple as that. I don't think drinking alcohol is harmful for people who lack this enzyme, it can just be a little uncomfortable. And also, different types of alcohol may affect you differently. So if drinking wine is a new thing for you that might be why you are just realizing this
  7. ^^

    ITA. And yes couture_addict, while it's not common, it happens. I used to experience something akin to this too. The first time my parents let me try alcohol (I was 6) I got a fever that lasted the rest of the night and for part of the next day.

    But since then I've built up my tolerance level over the years. I've had bouts of hives, passing fevers, etc, but nowadays, while I'm still a lightweight, I no longer get any serious physiological reactions (besides turning red and getting exuberantly loud!! :p). I have a friend with a similar tale to tell too, and after a lot (and I mean A LOT) of practice he can pretty much drink most people under the table nowadays.

    So I think it's one of those things where you have to drink a little at a time, and it should improve over time. HTH
  8. Wow, thanks for the info everybody!

    LegacyGirl: I had no idea that this problem even existed. I'm going to try to look it up on Google, but does your SO know what enzyme it is offhand?

    courtneyh: It isn't just wine, it's any alcoholic drink - but wine definately gives me a stronger reaction (higher fever), both red and white. Hives are just awful, I feel so bad for your friend!

    bibliophile: I've never had hives from drinking alcohol...just a fever, no topical symptoms at all, so I guess I'm lucky for that!

    I don't think that I feel "sick" along with the fever, but then again when I drink I'm not exactly feeling any pain, if you know what I mean :smile: One drink, be it a glass of wine, margarita, cosmo, etc., and I'm seriously buzzed. Not good for a drinking contest, but great on the wallet LOL
  9. ^^ I know what you mean. Some of my "hardier" friends complain about how unfair it is that I get happily high so easily (and cheaply). :p Work-related drinking events are always a bit of a palaver though - and it can get quite embarrassing trying to fend off the drinks - everyone just thinks that you're a spoilsport. bah. Ever been in the same boat?
  10. The only time i noticed I get hot from drinking wine is when I'm trying to sleep. My body feels like it's on fire and occassionally heart palps. I never actually get a fever though.
  11. I've been there too. Last year there was a christmas get together where we had tickets for free drinks at work. I ended up giving them away as I really didn't feel comfortable drinking at work. I know it doesn't take much and didn't want to do something stupid like fall down the stairs, lol
    I did kind of feel like a old fart though.
  12. LOL yeah, but I just "say no". I know I'm doing them a favor :graucho:
  13. I get flushed and sometimes like this when I drink wine too....especially red wine.
  14. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it is called alcohol dehydrogenase (sp?)

    Maybe a dr on the tpf can tell us.
  15. I don't know that I get an actual fever (because I've never taken my temp after drinking) but my face definitely gets flushed/red and I definitely feel very hot. I have a pretty low tolerance (always have) so after about 1-1.5 drinks this usually happens! I am a "cheap date" as well and know the feeling you gals go through. I just have to drink extra slow at events and have water in between my next glass.