The strange things on ebay.

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  1. You know...I'm starting to think people are printscreening things themselves and boot legging shirts. I was bidding on a kitty on candy cane shirt starting at 14$ but let it go because of a small hole on the shirt. But after..I was looking on ebay and saw the same seller selling similar shirts..also starting at 14.99 but there was no design on it!!!!! just a plain toki shirt with only the inner label behind the neck said tokidoki...
    I was like okay....something fishy is going on

    Okay here's what I'm talking about..but she lowered the price.
  2. yea and with a good printer and some good transfer sheets you can make shirts easily at home..never thought of it but great point. there are tons of the fake bags with the "Matching" make-up purse on there too..grr. i saw so many of the "sets in chicago". i know toki is a bit more pricey than the average purse/bag, but i cannot see how it is really that profitable.
  3. you'd be surprised how cheap they make the stuff we pay lot of $$$ for

    ie: sneakers that are legit..think big brands..spend an average of $6 per pair when we pay average 60-100/pair
  4. yea, it is true. just saddens me when i see 'collapsible forest like tokidoki print baby bag' go for 60 dollars and's just sad.
  5. Sempre- That sounds like the seller spacytracy bought the fake tee from.

    Oh I just checked the link you attached, yes that's her/him.
  6. people are scandalous. sometimes i feel so naive because i don't really actively think people do things like that.