the strange case of the 2.55 and the girl who knows nothing...

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  1. :crybaby: Four days ago I went to the Chanel shop in Milan and I asked infos about the 2.55,a girl explains to me that the 2.55 classic flap medium costs 1750 euros and the jumbo 2450 euros,but the jumbo is a discontinuous production and now they don't have it,the large is 2050 euros...
    is it true????
  2. Maybe she meant temporarily??!! Interesting but I feel like someone on here has bought a new jumbo of late, no?
  3. Is the large size the commonly known "m/l size" on the forum?
  4. #4 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    I don't know!!!I was the girl who knows nothing (ah ah) so I have seen her with a :confused1::confused1: face...
    My question after: but what does discontinuous means?I know that the bag exists and I don't remember 2450 euros (3330$:wtf:)
    She: No,for this year we don't have the jumbo,but maybe it will arrive,but it's very expensive 2450 euro,so nobody want it...
    Me: :confused1::confused1::confused1::thinking::wtf:

    And problem:
    I remember the flap: mini,small,medium/large,jumbo...but maybe I'm wrong,she said another thing...??

    My father works in France,I'm thinking to go there with him for the bag...I had a bad impression
  5. Maybe she meant the reissue 2.55? And thus yes, the jumbo (228) size is out of production.
  6. Maybe there was some miscommunication between you and the SA? I noticed that my SA and also speak a "different language" when we talk about the flaps. Over here at TPF we talk about the reissues and classic flaps. My SA who is very knowledgeable does not use the term reissue, but calls them the vintage bags and 2.55 and refers to the classic flaps as the classics. Maybe your SA was indeed talking about the reissues? The Jumbo I think you are referring to costs a little over 2000 euro.

    Then again looking at the numbers she mentioned, it looks like she's calling the Maxi a Jumbo... very confusing indeed... :confused1:

    However, I cannot imagine the Jumbo classic flap being discontinued permanently. They might be temporarily unavailable. Lately I have not seen them in the boutiques...
  7. We talked only about the classic flaps,I didn't want the reissue (I know that it's similar to the 2.55 made by Coco,but I don't like the closure:shame::shame:smile: I'll try again with another sales woman the next week.

    I have seen a lot of posts on the purse forum before going there (the chanel shop),but when the girl talked about different infos (different from the PF) I got discouraged and postponed the purchase,I wanted/want to talk about it on the PF before...I am young and I don't want to make a disaster

    And sorry for my english!!Thank you for the answers!!