The story of two Dentelles

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  1. Once I saw the silver dentelle in the LV store, I knew I had to have one. I am not the type to plop down the price of a small used car on a purse but it was so gorgeous! Only thing was, before I committed, I wanted to compare it with the lovely gold dentelles I had seen on eBay. So I pestered Louis Vuitton customer service for a few days (dependent on which customer rep you speak to, I had many different answers to whether the gold was available or not) and was finally able to order from a LV store many states away. I was waiting so anxiously and when it arrived 8 days later, it was a total mess! :crybaby:It was not so much that I knew I would not get a gold one but that the SA sent out such an obviously defective bag!

    First of all, it smelled very used, had no box, no tags or care booklet, had a deep scratch, and parts of the vachetta was flaking off due to wear. I called the store right away and since the person I bought it from was not in, they said they could not help me and I had to send it back to Florida before they could refund me my money.

    Well, hell no, I wasn't having that! I was afraid the longer I held on to it, they would blame me for abusing it or swapping it out with another. So two hours after it arrived at my house, I was at my LV store and they said they would exchange it for something of equal or more the price of the dentelle. Although it ended up relatively well, the manager told me usually unless the piece is in perfect saleable condition, they would not take it back. They pretty much assume you did something to it because they trust each other more than the customer. :cursing: Also, when I was on the phone with LV customer service (as this was the first time I did a phone order) they assured me I could return it for a refund at my store within 14 days of the order (none of this no-refund/must exchange stuff). Has anyone had bad experiences having things shipped from another store (not being able to see it first)? How was it resolved? I am curious because I know there may be a chance in the future of some limited edition item that I may have order from another store again.
  2. What a horrible experience.

    I think the reason why you're getting this rule is because there are some people that pretty much ruin it for us by buying something, wearing it and then trying to get a return. That's really crappy that they kind of screwed you by sending you an imperfect bag, especially since you couldn't really look at the condition of it. Have you been able to talk to the manager at the store where you ordered it from ? I think that's the best way to go, rather than exchanging at another store where they've never seen the (crappy) condition of the bag prior to being sent out.
  3. Wow. That's pretty bad. So much for good customer service. How could they send a defective bag at the first place? I've never done any phone order before or have anything shipped to me.

    I'd rather see the item personally by visiting the store. I am lucky that the LV stores here only a few minutes away from my house.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear of that experience. Definitely speak with the manager of the store that the purse came from. In the future work with your local LV store. Mine will bring in LE items for me to view, as they did with the Bordeaux and Noir Mirage Speedies, I ended up choosing the Noir. That way you can look over the pieces personally.
  5. Oh sorry to hear about your experience. Well, about a month ago, I charge-sent a suhali and when it arrived, the inner lining was scuffed up. I immediately took it to my local LV store because, like you, I didn't want them to have the opportunity to say that I used it already. I brought the box with the tracking number and all. I don't know if it was because people knew me there, but what they did was they took my purchase, wrote a letter to the Boca Raton store stating my complaint, and they shipped it out for me. They basically took care of everything. My purchase was only $435. They told me that since they didn't have the exact item in-store that they needed to send it back. Also, that since it was below $500 that they couldn't request an item transfer. Lastly, if you requested for a refund there should not have been any problems since you just received the bag. In the future, I would suggest dealing with your store and requesting items through them. So sorry again for what happened.
  6. The Boca store once sent me a used pastilles was so banged up that my LV refused to take it back. I have a good relationship with my SA, so she knew I didn't use it. They just didn't want to take it back and have it against them....I shipped it back to Boca and called the manager. She was very apologetic and embarassed.
  7. sorry to hear that you had such a horrible experience! i've only made one phone order and it went perfectly. i would recommend working directly with your boutique in the future if you want a piece that is not instock. that way you don't get caught in the middle. good luck and i hope this all works out!
  8. I had once worked with the LV in Chicago on a piece of jewerly and had a very satisfactory outcome. I am sorry for your experience.
  9. Does LV do store xfers? That way the other store could ship it to your store, so u can go see the bag first - and not risk being accused of their 'damages'
  10. OMG that sucks!!
  11. That's exactly what I was going to say...

    Have it sent to your local LV store. It really sucks that this happened to you. I would be fumming mad if it happened to me.
  12. I have the items shipped to my LV store! Then I can see it there first and they see it too!
  13. I am so sorry for the horrible servies Louis Vuitton gave to you. I hope that you find something you love :smile:
  14. Thanks for the many kind replies! I think from now on, I will definitely have items transfered to the local LV store so I can inspect it there right in front of them and return it if necessary. It is just sad, with LV being a luxury store, they should have a much better standard of customer service, quality control, and better SA. Customer service should not have to vary by store and with which SA you are working with.