The story of the sad, abused Spy with a happy ending!

  1. I recently acquired a down-on-her-luck black Fendi Spy. Sadly, her first owner was abusive. Lady Spy was faded, scratched and dry, with a broken spyglass that didn't stay shut. She was obviously left in the sun for periods of time, because her front half looked almost green, while her back was black. All of Lady Spy's authenticity cards were gone as was her protective dustbag. One of her handle's piping was worn completely to the leather underneath. She also had other dirt on her as well as what looked like splatter damage from road salt. All in all, a very, very sad Spy.

    A very nice person and purse lover saved her by purchasing her on eBay, thus protecting her from more damage, abuse and neglect. Although this person's heart was large and well-intending, she sadly could not keep Lady Spy. That's where I stepped in, promising to end the abuse and neglect to dear Lady Spy.

    The pictures thankfully don't depict the complete damage to the Spy, but here they are:





  2. So ... in continuing the story ...

    I took Lady Spy to my local repair shop, and they fixed the handle piping and the spyglass so it opens and closes correctly. Then it came time to discuss the color. They could do it for me, but it would cost about $150, or I could do it myself, and the dye would only cost $20. Hmmmmmm ....

    I took Lady Spy home and did it myself. I'm pretty pleased with the results so far. I want to give her one last coat. I also conditioned the leather so it isn't so dry. Suffice it to say, I hope that I have given Lady Spy a new lease on life and a better home than she had previously. Enjoy!


  3. Lori -- what type & brand of dye did you use?? Does it come off or bleed at all? :confused1:
  4. The shoe repair store sold me Lincoln Quality Shoe Dressing. It's black dye. I don't know if it will come off or bleed -- I haven't used the Spy yet -- but the lady at the repair place did say to be careful until it dries completely.
  5. Nice job, I hope the dye takes! What did you use to condition her?
  6. Wow! Interesting! I think I had seen this auction on eBay..not sure if it was the one but she certainly was abused! I hope the dye stays on and is good quality. What does she feel like to the touch before and after conditioning? Lady spy does have nice bubbles..gotta give her that! I'm wondering how the bubbles managed to stay like that despite the rough usage..or was the wear mainly due to the sun? Did you dye the handles too?
  7. Is this one of pinchrosemary's auctions? The bag looks much better now! Maybe get a dye sealant to lock the colour in. Cos there is a chance that it will bleed and transfer onto clothes (etc).
  8. ^Yeah! I was bidding on that bag, I'm glad someone here got it and repaired her! Congrats! Def. let us know how the dye worked. Also, what leather conditioner did you use? My new baby could definitely use it
  9. Well done saving this spy, it looks a really good job you are doing
  10. It definitely looks better, glad you could save a bag from further abuse.
  11. ahh fab story Lori, i love that you are making her look incredible again.

    Just dont wear her for the first time, with white, in the rain lol ;)

    Great job :biggrin:
  12. I used a cream-based shoe polish that doesn't have any color when applied. After I put it on the whole bag, I buffed it with a soft bristle brush.
  13. Lady Spy was pretty dry, that's for sure. I knew I had to do something or the leather might start to crack soon. After all the work that I did this weekend, the leather is definitely softer, but it will definitely help if I condition it even more. The bubbles are in pretty good shape; it looks like the bag was left in the sun and the color faded on one side and not the other. For some reason, the handles did not fade. They must be a different type of leather or they were treated differently when the bag was made.
  14. Awwww Spy rescue stories are the best!

    She looks great, Lori!
  15. Awww, Lori! I'd really been looking forward to pics of Lady Spy (love the name :p), and I see you did a lovely job with her. Congrats! She looks much, much healthier and happier. :heart:

    Good luck with the second coat, but it looks like everything you've done so far has been fantastic. Hopefully, Miss Spy and I can meet her soon! :smile: