The Story of the Large Black Baby Cabas

  1. Once upon a time, there lived a maiden princess (okay, so it's a slightly embellished story :p ) in the City of Los(t) Angels. While she awaited the arrival of her very own Prince Charming, her heart yearned for a black cabas.

    Not just any cabas, the original cabas was extremely difficult to find, as it was no longer in production, and the prices in Auction Land had reached astronomical heights. Desperate, she turned to her lovely friends on tPF for help and comfort.

    One afternoon, as the princess was hard at work (ha!), she received a message from her Fairy Godmother Minal, aka fieryfashionist, that an original cabas was available at NM LV! Note: not that snooty brand called LV, but rather Las Vegas. ;)

    Before anyone could say "Coco Chanel" two times fast, the cabas was on its way. She had her doubts about whether the cabas was truly the original one, the holiest of Holy Grails, but eagerly anticipated its delivery nonetheless. One night passes, then two then three...

    On the morning of the seventh day, the maiden puzzledly dialed NM LV to inquire about its whereabouts. A kindly gentleman tracked down the cabas, which had taken a SLIGHT detour, in Noveau Jersey! :wtf:

    Alas, her hopes were dashed that she would receive the ill-fated bag. With her head hung low, she went back to everyday drudgery. As she worked through lunch yet again, the Knight of Packages unexpectedly entered with a giant battered box...:nuts:

    Yes, it really is ginormous:

    It's the larger sized baby cabas, but I've fallen in love - much more subtle than the logo-ed original and just as roomy!

    A peek at the updated chain & detachable quilted pouch:

    The official deets:
  2. And the maiden princess and her cabas lived happily ever after...:love:

    (The view from one window in my office. Smoke is still lingering from the Griffith Park fire. The other window <not pictured> shows the smog clustered around Century City and the traffic on the 10, just lovely!):

    Thank you for letting me share!! :flowers:
  3. And they lived happily ever after....................
  4. LOl, I love fairy tales!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for your cabas , may you both ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after..... till your next Chanel
  5. You're so cute Jenn! It's gorgeous! I'm glad everything worked out and you've fallen in love w/the new cabas. I love the new chains! Congrats, I know it will look amazing on you!
  6. YAY!! Thank you again Minal, if you're ever in LA, I definitely owe you at least one drink!!!
  7. LOL! Great story! Model! Model!
  8. gillianna, sjunky13 - thanks ladies, this is the last one until fall...:angel:

    Jenn - well, you're my bagspiration!!! :tender: :heart:

    bulletproofsoul - I am too shy, especially since miss alice has already posted some gorgeous TRUE modeling photos!! :nuts:
  9. Congrats! Post some modelling pics please! Gorgeous bag, esp. the new chain!!
  10. :party: congratz!!!:party: i enjoyed the story!! :tender:
  11. Jenn, what a nice fairy tale!
    And fairy tales always have a happy ending, that's what I love about it :biggrin:
    I hope you and your baby Cabas will live happily ever after.
    Congrats and enjoy it!
  12. Congrats!! Love the story, so cute!!!!
  13. Congrats! Lovely bag - cute story!
  14. Lovely story!!
  15. Thanks totoro928, happie_berrie, Nathalie, bb10lue, ilovemylilo, Jayne1!! :heart: I hope y'all enjoyed a mid-afternoon storytelling session ;)