The story of the classic 2001 Flat Brass First.....

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  1. great thread beaux, the fbf is an icon.
    corey has one navy, i do remember her posting it too. lucky corey.
    slinks : you become more and more disenchanted with bal, do you have a new favorite brand now hon?
  2. Is it me: or do the pebbled flat brass first bags look a tad larger then traditional fbf's? Maybe it's an optical illusion because they're not as squishy? Maybe someone that has both can chime in???
  3. I've wondered this too Beaux. I think it might just be the lack of souchiness but am just guessing. Corey has both, she'd be able to tell us.
  4. I haven't seen her in a while on here - but hopefully she'll chime in.
  5. Can I ask you girls a question? I am obsessed with the early Bal-bags, and I saw this one on Ebay, and I really want to buy it!

    Is this the same bag as Sienna's, Kate's and Diane's?
  6. I think I answered your question in another thread.The flat black first is different from the black first with pewter hardware. The FBF is from 2002 and the pewter hardware is from 2003-2004.
  7. Oh my bad! Sorry! Didn't see your previous answer... But thank you!!
  8. No worries. :smile: I hope you find one! I love my FBF! The strap is long enough to wear cross-body.
  9. You have one?! Lucky you! ;) Yes, that's what I LOVE about this First, the long shoulder strap! How is the leather? On some photos it looks really smooth, but on Ebay it didn't!
  10. I have a 2002 Caramel and the leather is sikly, vintagey-looking and somewhat distressed. I think that there are variations in this year, so you can find smooth and wrinkled bags depending on preference. :smile:
  11. It's essentially the same bag but from a different season and with a slightly different strap length. Most of the celebs own a flat brass first from the first season in 2001. the bags from the second season have mostly smooth, drapey leather. The flat brass first from the third season have more crackly, distressed, shiny leather. Also the handles are reinforced (this was not the case in seasons 1 and 2). The bag in the listing you linked to is from the third season.

    All the flat brass firsts are special in their own way but no two seasons are exactly the same.

  12. Thank you so much!! :smile::smile:I was confused about the different seasons...
  13. Don't forget that the original bags from 2001 did not include a mirror. The mirror was added in S/S 2002 and later seasons. Also, the 2001 bags have a gold stamp on the inner tag that says "Le Dix Balenciaga Paris."

    Check the gold tag club for awesome pics of the first moto bags:
    2001 First Edition Gold Tag "Le Dix" flat brass first club!
  14. Yes, and the leather and lining in the first season bags is also fused. Not so from season 2 onwards.
  15. bump