The story of the classic 2001 Flat Brass First.....

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  1. thanks for the info, beaux! always wondered about that famous photo.
    livia1, i found that book in a used book store a few weeks ago, for about $35. a bit musty smelling, but an amazing book. one fascinating thing about it,i thought, was that it included color swatch charts from the original balenciaga years (from when cristobal was alive) and it's very clear that ghesquiere chooses his colors from that chart all the time!!! i've got to track down my copy in my library, but if you have a moment to scan those swatch charts, it would be great...
    thanks again!
  2. You are a wealth of information, Beaux!
    This is fascinating!
  3. Verrry interesting. Thanks for posting Beaux!

    I wonder if any of the girls who got their FBFs free are still carrying them. Not Carine for sure :smile: Maybe she passed hers on to her daughter Julia, who's probably archived it.

    OMG a NAVY fbf???

    Those French Vogue girls are so impossibly chic.
  4. Yes, those colour swatches are really interesting! There's an Eggplant I'm sure of it ;) I don't really have easy access to a scanner but my SO does so I could try and ask him.
    In the book you can also see how obviously Nicolas Ghesquiére is truly original but he has the same understanding of volume, shapes and proportions as Cristóbal did.
  5. Thanks for posting this "Beaux"

    I'm glad i'm part of the family of this
  6. Interesting thread, thanks for posting this. Makes me love my FBF even more!
  7. we need a count pronto! Whoever has one - please stand up!

    1) Kate Moss
    2) TPFer
    3) TPFer
    4) etc....
    5) ...
  8. thanks for posting! very interesting :smile:
    I loved this style since I saw it on Giselle Bundchen!
  9. Well, let's see, brunettetiger- I think the names listed in this photo are a good start... also, there were women who are lesser-known who got these bags as presents - one of my formers clients had done PF for Bal back in the day, and she got the original Le Dix as a present.

    Also, I am quite positive that more than 30 gold-tag bags were made. It sounds like bags were sent out as presents after sitting around for a few seasons, so I would imagine that not all of them were gold-tag bags - some were probably season-2 bags, as well. We know that Sienna Miller and Kirsten Dunst loved their FBFs, I wonder if they got them as gifts or had to pay for them?

  10. thanks for the little bit of history!!
  11. ^^You finally found one! Now your beautiful Flat Brass Hobo will have some good company!! Have you posted photos yet? I'm sure we'd all :heart: to see it!
  12. Beau, thanks for that informative piece of history! Very interesting and congrats on your bag!
  13. Thanks for the info!! I would love to get my hands on a Navy FBF!!!
  14. Thank you beauxgoris! Very interesting thread!

    I have seen some of FBF`s without the ring and shoulder strap and those owners are on the pic beauxgoris posted it here first page and also I have seen the same FBF with Dian kruger from celebrity with bals section posted by beauxgoris and Gisele by jira. I could attach Gisele pic here . I guess, they are the one of 30 lucky women?

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  15. ^^I think the rings of her bag are just tucked inside. To my knowledge there's no way to remove them.

    Sienna miller is another one that uses her bag without the strap.