The story of the classic 2001 Flat Brass First.....

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  1. Thought this little bit of history was interesting, we've all guessed a lot about it. Here it is:


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  2. wow...very interesting. Lucky ladies!
  3. Yes, they are so lucky! and they wear them so well too!
  4. Very interesting post. Thx beauxgoris.
  5. Yeah, I have the book that was published a few years ago about the house of Balenciaga. This is all in it. Very interesting book, not just regarding the Nicolas Ghesquiére era.
  6. Wish I were one of the 30!

    Imagine getting an original FBF for FREE. :girlsigh:

    I guess that's all it takes though, for some big names to sport the style and suddenly you have yourself an iconic piece of fashion history.

    Thanks beaux, had no idea that's what happened.
  7. huh! thanks for the info beauxgoris!
  8. You're all welcome! :flowers: I thought it was very interesting.

    Livia1 What was the title of the book?
  9. thanks beaux:nuts:...Ghesquière is a genius:woohoo:
  10. Beaux, it's just called Balenciaga Paris. It's from 1996, Thames & Hudson, by Pamela Golbin. The text is mainly focused on press cuttings and the book's production was apparently co-directed by Nicolas Ghesquiére. It's really interesting. Looking trough it you can really see how other designers have been inspired by Balenciagas designs. Don't buy it for the pics though.

    Oh and chloeglamour, you are right; Nicolas Ghesquiére IS a genius!

    This is how it looks

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  11. uhh it must be very interesting:graucho:i have never seen it before!thanks *S*;)
  12. ^^ Uhm ... actually DO buy it for the pics. Just don't expect full side glossie pics as they are not. A lot of the pictures are black/white and not very big. Unfortunately.
  13. Makes me wonder when exactly the original FBF was introduced - if it sat around for a couple of years before gaining popularity... perhaps even before 2001, then?

    Imagine, FBFs collecting dust on shelves somewhere (with their original price tag of $800)? Craziness!!!!
  14. wish I had been on that list for a free one! LOL I still remember that FBF in navy that was handed out to Vogue staffers or something like that!
  15. ^^ No way!!! NAVY?!