the story of my first Etoupe

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  1. I first saw the Etoupe on a lindy last weekend at a local store. I was sooo drawn to the beautiful colour. :heart:
    I told myself that if my HAC didn’t arrive soon, I might consider the Lindy as an alternative.
    On Mon, my SA calls to inform me that she had a 32 HAC in a neutral colour in box. I did a quick research and thanks to all the opinions of the lovely ladies here, decided that the colour (Harvanne) was too dark for my liking and leather (box) too hard to maintain as a daily workbag. So I called her to inform her of my decision, and at the same time, casually asked if she had any Kellys. To my surprise, she said she had a 28cm (but not sure of the colour) and asked that I come down to the store to view both bags. I did that evening, and I was immediately drawn to the beautiful grey/olive/brown tones of the Etoupe Kelly. I was 99% sold. But I wanted to keep my options open. So I asked to look at another 32 Kelly Chocolate in Calf, a 28 Kelly black corrounmendal( SP??) and a 35 kelly rose garrange (SP?)
    The first was too big and too dark(and again the worry that Calf leather wont stand the test of local rain and thunderstorm and the little grubby fingers of my 13 mth old daughter) , the second was a beauty ! (still considering it as I type) and the third just too large for my size. (I stand at 5”4)
    So the choice was obvious !
    I called my SA on Tues to say that I’d take it, and to engrave my initials on the keyholder thingy (what’s it called ??)
    And on Thurs, hubby kindly offered to pick me up from the store after I collected and paid for the bag.

    And so i leave you here with some pics of my new baby :
    kelly in box.jpg kelly half stripped.jpg kelly in full.jpg kelly unbuckled.jpg kelly on box.jpg
  2. Great choice, congratulations, I love etoupe, what a sweet Kelly. :love:
  3. Stunning! Beautiful bag and colour, enjoy!!

    Keyholder thingy=clochette
  4. what an amazingly cute bag! congrats!
  5. Congrats! It looks lovely!
  6. It's beautiful. :heart: I'm waiting for something Etoupe too.

    :yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS, once again! :yahoo:

    28 Kelly black Coromandel!!!! Is it Sellier (outside stitch), Tosca?
  7. I love your kellyyyyyy!!!! Congratulationnnnn :tup::tup::tup:
    I was thinking about it yesterday :idea:

  9. Beautiful! Congrats!!!
  10. allaboutnice: thanks !! it's such a beautiful color !!:yahoo:

    Nola: Ah thanks !! now i dont have to refer to it as key holder thingy !!:tup:

    xlx vuitton : it's so cute right ??:yes:

    thanks so much vogue !

    Birkiness : haahaa, and WHY were u thinking of it yesterday ??

    queenie : oooo, cant wait to see yours !! when are u expecting it ??
    Yp, the black one is a sellier.

    MrsS : thanks !! i finally have it in my hands ! we're having a "Tosca just collected her baby elephant" dinner tonight wif some crazy friends.:yahoo:

    Serenity now : :tup: thanks !!
  11. Enjoy the celebration!
  12. beautiful bag - enjoy!
  13. Congrats Tosca!! Your Etoupe Kelly 28 is so pretty!! :heart::heart:
  14. Perfect !!!!! congrats :yahoo:
  15. She's just beautiful!! Makes me happy I decided to hold out for Etoupe. ENJOY!!!!!!