The story of my blk city - arrived today! Lots of *PICS*

  1. (Yay my 100th post)

    I anxiously awaited the fedex truck to drop of this package. My pupply Apple was very curious what was inside! "Mommy what's inside???"
    DSC00743.JPG DSC00744.JPG DSC00746.JPG DSC00748.JPG DSC00749.JPG
  2. Inside was my black city! so excited to see the beautiful distressed leather! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    but the story continues..
    DSC00750.JPG DSC00751.JPG
  3. I look more closely and find 3 problems with the bag :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    Problem 1! a spot on the top left corner that looks like the paint chipped off??
    DSC00752.JPG DSC00754.JPG
  4. Problem 2: the white edge at the bottom of the bag....
    DSC00756.JPG DSC00757.JPG
  5. problem 3 .. scratch at the bottom
    DSC00759.JPG DSC00774.JPG
  6. sorry for the million posts - i just wanted to point out the problems. Now.. do you guys think i'm being too picky?!??!

    I am so disheartened. I am new to bbags. I purchased a steel first back in July and there was a fading in a month! I still love it but fading w/in a month!??! Now I order this black city and it comes like this. What's a girl to do?!?!
  7. I think that you should try to get a replacement as although the scrapes are small they look quite deep.

    Threaten to set your dog on them if they resist!!!
  8. totallly agree with jenova - send it back!!! you want your b-bag to be perfect and it should be. they should have no problem replacing it :yes:
  9. Yikes! You're not being to picky AT ALL:nogood:. There's no reason to settle when you spend that much money on a bag.
  10. yes, exchange it, those kind of things bother me too.
  11. thank you for all your advice!

    i'm actually thinking about returning it all together. I was off from work this week so it wasn't a problem to receive my package. When they send me another, I won't be home.... I am thinking about just returning this one and hunting one down at NM. One that I can SEE with my own eyes before I buy. Or I might take a break from it all and save some $$.
  12. send it back !!! :tdown:
  13. hMmm... cute story & pup..:yes: The scratch could probably come out or look minimal with some apple guarde lotion, the white edge on the bottom seems to be a common issue among some bBags (input form previous threads regarding same issue), & the paint chipping off... if its not a scratch... & the leather looks like it's been cracked off.... send it back. Hope all turns out well for you... we'll be here r:huh:ting for yah!:wlae:
  14. OH NO! I'm so sorry there are problems with your city! I'd send it back straight away! With the amount of money and anticipation we spend on these bags, they shouldn't have scratches/chips on them!
  15. I think it needs to go back! To be honest i think maybe you would be happier picking one out with your own eyes. Saying that I deal with Daohne at BalNY and she always picks me the most amazing bags!