The story of felix- from horror to happy!

  1. oh my goodness! What a sweetie pie!

    And OP, sometimes I too feel like this world is empty of good people. But, reading stories like yours really gives me comfort that there are still people in this world who have a heart.

    Please keep us updated here. And thanks to you and your colleagues for doing what was right for an innocent creature.
  2. Look at how happy he looks on that windowsill. ツ
  3. He is growing into an adorable boy! So pleased he is setlling in well with his person.
  4. What a precious!
  5. More pictures of the cutie pie! She said he is a real blessing to have.
    photo (3).jpg photo1.jpg
  6. thanks dear. all we can do is try our best based on the circumstances we face. we were only able to save one kitty, there are a ton more that need help and thats what makes me sad :sad:
  7. Found and Pound are the best. These little creatures give back whatever they receive tenfold
  8. He is adorable!
  9. Too Cute, He looks so much more relaxed in the later pictures, He is obviously very happy settling into his new home.
  10. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. Brought tears to my eyes when reading your story but very very happy that it ends well.
    Felix looks happy and content on the last picture. Indeed a lucky guy.
    Thank You and your colleagues/friends!
  11. OMG
    so cute
    and such a great story
  12. Love the photo of kitteh sprawling on his back. He is very clearly happy there!
  13. Beautiful coloring (and he looks very content).
  14. Updated pic. He is getting big! She said he likes sleeping in bed with her now so he has found his forever home.
    photo (3).jpg
  15. Aww! Love this!:heart: