The story of felix- from horror to happy!

  1. ooh! cute!!
    you and the other people involved were really heroic
    so happy for this kitty
  2. Love this story and he is super cute!!
  3. Oooh that is so sad! I'm glad you were able to help this little guy :smile:
  4. What a lucky kitty! Who needs animal control when you've got an engineer, LOL! (My hubby is an engineer.) :smile:
  5. LOL, engineers are a funny little group of people. we see the world very differently!
  6. Updated Pic of the cutie pie:
  7. Oh he is adorable! Look at that little smiling face :biggrin:
  8. Felix!
    You look so much better without that diamond plate collar. ;)

    I hope you will have a long and happy life in your new home. You can send us more pictures anytime. :smile:
  9. oh my goodness he looks so small!! but sooo cute!!!
    from the first photo he looked like a bigger cat.
  10. SQUEEEE! What a great face. Is he settling in well OP? Please keep updating pics. His story is so very touching.
  11. He is doing very well. He is eating a lot and he is starting to like his humans in his new home. Will post more pics as I get them. My colleague said he is about 85% there in terms of being settled in with her which is amazing considering its only been a week since we found him.
  12. Thank you for sharing! :smile:
  13. Wow, what a sweet story.. Thank you so much for sharing. Little felix is so cute and so lucky to have such caring people who not only saved him but gave him a new home. I am sure once he is completely settled he'll give back 200 fold. So cute.. Makes me want to hug my kitties.
  14. what a heart warming story....
  15. Here he is wearing a collar. He is sooo cute! I cant wait to go over to her house to see him.