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  1. #1 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    Hi guys,

    Im usually just a lurker here at the Chanel forum and I wish to share the story of how I got my holygrail -- many thanks to fellow member Gjee :flowers:


    Last April, I finally got to take the vacation I have always wanted. I got to visit my family in Houston and spend a lot of time touring the US with them.

    Anyway, everywhere we went--I made it a point to visit a Chanel boutique and I've fallen in love with this one bag. My sisters didnt really support my love for handbags and I really didnt think I will be able to get one while I was there since I have spent a lot on this vacation already.


    Anyway, fast forward to July 20 and I read it here that Chanel will be having an increase yet again, and August will be my birthday. We will be in Florida visiting Universal Studios and Disney between July 25- AUGUST 3, 2010 so you can just imagine that I will miss the chance to get the Chanel bag at the old price if I didnt get it by July 24.

    July 24, I went to the Chanel boutique in Houston Galleria and that bag is already SOLD OUT! I was so sad- I cant possibly bother my family in Florida to search for one while we were enjoying Disney! AAAARGGHHHH! I honestly gave up that day and flew to Florida so sad-:crybaby:


    Fast Forward to July 28, I had my laptop with me during our Florida trip and as I was surfing TPF, I saw that Bloomingdales was having a 15% OFF sale for new card members and that Chanel was included in the sale.

    I immediately called Bloomies from my sister's cell and of course there was a waitlist of 29 people for the bag I wanted, and I cant possibly get the bag before the price increase. When I went back to TPF, I saw the Gjee posted that she had a reservation and she was passing and she told everyone that she can give her reservation to anyone interested and just to PM her so thats what I did. Gjee was so helpful and generous to give her reservation and she also made sure Bloomingdales reserved the exact bag I really wanted which had the gold hardware.

    I had my sister open a Bloomies account for the 15% off and then I called Bloomies on July 30th and told them I was getting Gjee's bag and of course this store is super DISORGANIZED and everyone there was so snobbish over the phone-- I was on my cellphone for 3 hours while at DISNEY just to get someone decent to talk to and they kept hanging up! I was sooo pissed and just when my battery was dying, I finally got hold of someone named Kazue who did help me. She was sooooo sweet and helpful-- ahhhh FINALLY, real customer service :yahoo:


    The first issue that came up was that I called Bloomies and they were asking me a lot of things regarding Gjee which I couldnt answer right away because my laptop was in the hotel and I was at Disney Florida so I kept telling them I didnt know because I was just taking Gjees reservation with her permission and I didnt know they needed all these details like her phone number and as to when Chanel called her regarding reservation etc etc. I was able to get over that when I talked to Kazue because she allowed me to call that night to give her all details as soon as I got back to the hotel.

    The 2nd issue was Bloomies only approved me for $500 credit. Hello? I was so upset because I thought they would only give the discount depending on the credit so I was like, nooooo way--15% of 500 USD only? So I called Bloomies and requested a credit increase and of course they asked me all these questions as it was my sister's account so I gave the phone to my sister and she was approved for $1800 credit so that was good enough for me.

    Little did I know that regardless of how much credit they approved, they actually do give you the entire 15% discount from the purchase price. I was so shocked when I saw the bill because it was a HUUUGE discount plus it was tax-free as we didnt have Bloomingdales in Houston. :yahoo:

    I have purchased a lot of bags but this particular one is so memorable to me because of all that happened. I have to say though that it was all worth it, because when the bag was delivered to me on August 11, 2010--IT WAS PERFECT. :love:

    Im so sorry the story was so long--

    So here are the pics:


  2. Whew! You went through alot to get your HG, congratulations! Let's see!
  3. #3 Sep 23, 2010
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    I know that the Jumbo Caviar in GH is really a common bag here but it has always been my HG when it came to Chanel. I originally wanted the 227 reissue but I fell in love with the jumbo when I started to carry it around the store. Hopefully, I will be able to get the 227 sometime next year but for now, Im really happy with my Jumbo.
  4. Congratulations again! Looks like all the time you spent on the phone was worth it plus you got the 15% off and no tax! Enjoy!
  5. ^^^ Thank you and yes, I was really shocked that my bill had that huge discount. Im so happy and thankful to Gjee, good thing I didnt get one from the Houston Galleria boutique or I would have overpaid 850 USD with Tax ;(
  6. WOW! 29 people on the wait list for a Chanel black caviar jumbo with GHW!? :nuts:

    Congrats on scoring your HG! The jumbo with gold hardware has a special place in my heart :love: I have it too and it is simply amazing. So timeless and elegant.
    Enjoy!! :heart:
  7. ^^Yup, because of the pending increase last August 1. Gjee was number 16 I think, and this bag arrived for her just in time before the increase.
  8. congratulations!!! very beautiful bag. happy for you after all you went through!!
  9. Congrats on your stunning HG!!!
  10. ^^Awww Thank you guys, Im really really happy to be back in manila with this beautiful bag :love:
  11. Enjoy it !
  12. ooo so beautiful, congrats it is perfect! cant believe they left it at the door tho. lucky everything went well and u got her :smile: yayay
  13. I love a story with a happy ending! Congratulations on getting your HG!!
  14. I love TPF angels:angel: I know how it feels to have someone help you get a bag that you really want **thanks again Mommy if you are reading this****:hugs:
    Congrats on your classic jumbo- I hope you enjoy!!!!
  15. congrats OP.
    loved your story behind it as well! :biggrin: