The Stork will be arriving tomorrow

  1. Well everyone I took another plunge (this is getting ridiculous really!). I called my SA in Atlanta and ordered a bolide. :yahoo: It should arrive tomorrow in the A.M. I'm SO excited, so I decided to announce it now rather than wait. I figured you ladies could help keep me company while I endure the agonizing wait.

    And while I was on the phone with my SA we started talking about the croc in California. Turns out the Atlanta store had it too. They had one in red croc. Also, the Chicago store had it and they offered it to Oprah:love: . She turned it down saying she couldn't bring herself to pay that kind of money for a handbag even though she could easily afford it! I figured as much. Oprah just strikes me as someone who would be reticent about that kind of thing.

    But back to my bolide, its a 31cm and it is in blue jean. Woo hoo!
  2. This is so exciting! Congratulations!!! I love blue jean!!!:heart::heart::heart:Cannot wait to see pics, so happy for you!!!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. OOOOoooo, congrats nathansgirl! I think that is such a hot color. I really shouldn't get one of those if I'm on a mission for a birkin. Take pics when you get it.
  5. My SA took pictures of it in the store and emailed them to me to show me what it looked like. So I decided to post one of the pics.
  6. Beautiful! :love: :love:
  7. What a beauty! Congrats!!
  8. Beautiful Bolide! Now I'm craving for a Bolide~~ I wonder if it's be easier if I ask the SA to get an ostrich Bolide as opposed to ostrich Kelly ...
  9. Congratulations, nathansgirl! That's a gorgeous AND practical bag!!1
  10. lovely congrats my dear it will lokk fabulous on you i am sure of that:love:

    ah and the diamond birkins seems to be touring the states as noone wants to pick that baby up :lol: (i guess oprah thoufghtit was too flashy it would certainly not be the money as she pends houndreds of thousand each season on couture so i guess it really was too much bling for her what a shame)
  11. Lilach! You should get the diamond Birkin! Do it do it do it!! You will pull that off so well.
  12. Yeah, she apparently thought it was too flashy and too expensive for just a handbag.
  13. Congratulations, I love blue bags... what a great addition to your collection!
  14. I think so. They seem to be more helpful in getting people bolides. The NY store was ready to ship my that fuschia ostrich bolide, but I decided against it because I already have fuschia ostrich in my collection and I want variety in my bag colors. There seem to be quite a few fuschia ostrich bolides around, but I think they have all been 27cm.

    Thank you all for your kind words and congratulations!
  15. mhmm what is the difference bettween a 200.k dress and a 200 k bag? i guess she made an excuse and just thought it was too flashy, well with diamonds it is obvious what it is worth while with couture it is not ;)