The Steve, Jypsiere, Goodnews, Marwari, Double Sens!!! PICS ONLY!!!!!!!

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  1. #1 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    Please post photos of your Steve, Jypsiere, Goodnews, Marwari bags here, and include the size, color, leather, and hardware for us to reference!

    This is a picture only thread.... NO CHATTER! Thank you!
  2. Steve Messenger is Graphite Clemence

  3. 37cm Jypsiere in Graphite Clemence

  4. Goodnews GM in Gold Clemence

  5. In Etoupe Clemence Leather and Hunter Vache Leather trim.
  6. action shots of the Marwari GM
    0000006830.JPG 0000006831.JPG 0000006832.JPG
  7. Marwari Ciel PM
    Marwari Ciel outdoor wof.jpg Marwari Ciel indoor wf.jpg Marwari Ciel outdoor wof top.jpg
  8. Steve messenger bag in black clemence
    Bag.jpg Buckle.jpg Hermes.jpg
  9. Marwari PM Cafe clemence with Ebene trim.
  10. Marwari GM (2009)

    Lay Flat

    Side view when use
  11. Raisin Jypsiere in Clemenace leather (if currently have 2 sizes, this would be the smaller one, is it 34cm?)

    Jypisere Raisin.jpg
  12. Steve Messenger Bag in Ebene Taurillon Clemence




  13. Jypsiere 37, Gold Togo, Palladium Hardware.
    IMG_0088.jpg IMG_0135.jpg
  14. Jypsiere 37, Chocolate Clemence, PHW
    177cm tall.
    SNC0111522.jpg SNC01111.jpg
  15. Alezan Clemence 37cm Jypsiere


    Jypsiere action2.jpg Jypsiere Alezan1.jpg Jypsiere Alezan2.jpg