1. I was surprise there was not a stephen club. The stephen is my all time favorite bag. I just can't enough, I own the leopard, embosse and monogram stephen which is on its way. Anyone else into stephen, lets see pics. I am so obsessed want to everyone else with theres.:yahoo:

    The embosse was hard to get pic that captured the actual color. Took one with flash and one without.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  2. ^ wow it looks like you have 2 different ones! That's soooo pretty, I love it!
  3. I absoutely LOVE the Embossed one! Where is the "Polly" club?!??!
  4. I almost had a polly but seller backed out:sad:
  5. They are gorgeous!
  6. ah gosh there is an embossed one on eBay for £2000 at the moment! Im drooling at all of yours! Your sooo lucky to have 3!
  7. thanks for making the stephen club! here is my baby~:love:
    Stephen1.jpg Stephen2 (3).jpg Stephen3.jpg
  8. [FONT=&quot]Stephen looks simply gorgeous on you. how often do you use it? I was thinking of using the monogram Stephen as my shopping bag, but not sure if walking around the mall, would get tiring as Stephen is sort of heavy. what do you think?[/FONT]
  9. Monogram Stephen arrived today from JILL. I am so excited, now my collection of stephens is complete. that is unless I find the embosse in ivory:smile:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  10. I'm in! Here's my mono Stephen!

  11. i'm so jealous! i want a leopard stephen... :crybaby:
  12. I love this bag, but still has not left the house. For some reason I am scared to take him out. Going to hawaii this summer and would like to bring it on as a carry on. I saw one eBay a few weeks ago, I think it sold for $1,600 ish. If you really want one, I would check eBay every so often.
  13. Mainly during weekends if i am doing some 'power' shopping.:graucho: It's the only piece of bag i have allows my two hands free to shift trough racks of goodies:jammin:
    But does the strap makes squeaky noise?
  14. there has to be more stephens out there, the bag is SOLD OUT. Anyone got the embosse ivory or that other redish color? post pics.
  15. I am finally in!!!!!!!!!