The Step in Sienna!

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  1. Just received this from AR - thought you might like to see! There goes my sienna work! :sad: I thought that the step was in only in violet and jaune, but it's coming in the step too! I must have missed it somewhere?

    "Thank you for your email.
    Unfortunately we will not be getting the tabac color in the Work. The following is our list for the f/w Work. We will have the tabac color in the following styles.
    Giant City
    Giant RTT

    If you have any questions, please let us know.
    Aloha Rag Customer Support"
  2. Awww....that's too bad. Surely someone else will have it? :confused1:
  3. Don't worry girlie, i am sure other stores will have it.:yes:
  4. whats giant RTT?
  5. I wanna know too! :smile:
  6. Did we find out what Giant RTT is?
  7. AR told me that all their giant hardware will be silver. No gold period.
  8. Hmmm....RTT is a French acronym for what would be similar to a PT. I think that this might be a new style, but I could be wrong. We had it in one of the threads regarding Violet and Jaune being part of collection colors... Let me see if I can find it.