The Stellina

  1. I just got a L'Amore Stellina and it arrived today. Wow! I mean I didn't realize how small it is. I don't remember the Stellina being so much smaller than a Campeggio and was still a little shock. The straps are so much shorter too. But it's a cute bag nevertheless ... my L'Amore collection is growing and I am expecting a Ciao in the mail soon too. :yahoo:
  2. The stellina is one of my favorite styles. It's big enough without being too big.
  3. haha I'm used to a bambinone as an everyday bag so stellina is kind of big for me!
  4. I like the Stellina.. My favorite so far is the Zucca though.. I snuck in a footlong sub to Transformers yesterday (we saw it for the second time)!
  5. LMAO! I :heart: transformers... wasn't it an awesome movie :graucho:
  6. I :heart: TRANSFORMERS it wasn't an awesome movie though.... it was a REALLY awesome movie. lol.
  7. yay! congrats pinkpeony!! :tup:

    kkiimm - LMAO I had no idea a footlong sub could fit into a zucca :biggrin:
  8. omg Transformers is tied for my favorite movie w/ Ocean's 11. SO. FREAKING. AWESOME.

    and good job on sneaking in a foot long sub! i woulda used my BV for that...hahaha thats why whenever we go to the movies i make sure to bring a big bag so we can sneak in our own food :]
  9. The stellina looks like a good size for an everyday bag/purse, and not so much like a school bag.

    So funny that you put a sub in your zucca. I would be too scared to. I had just walked in the movie theater holding food in my hands. I thought they don't care anymore. Maybe it's because the theater is in a mall, right upstair of the food court.
  10. Wow, that's funny... I think the Stellina is plenty big. I was surprised that on top of my necessities, I can also fit a water bottle in there.
  11. yea, theater food prices are outrageous.. & my dh hadn't eaten. i also had a diet sunkist, gummi bears, and a small package of those sour gummi worms in there along with everything i normally carry. it was getting a bit heavy though. :p

    after getting the stellina, i'm now into campeggios (which i didn't care for before) :biggrin: hooray!

    ahh another ocean's fan!! i have "ocean's 11, ocean's 12, and ocean's 13" on my favorite movies list on facebook ;)
  12. lolz last time i went to watch transformers (i watched it twice as well)...but last time I brought my amore gioco and i was going to sneak in drinks & my arare (mochi crunch)....but I was too lazy to walk to the other store. Dang, those stupid theaters are too expensive.

    I don't have a stellina yet...idk I don't think I like those pockets in teh front that's why. But congrats on your new bag :biggrin:
  13. :lol::lol::lol: Footlong sub in the Zucca! :tup:

    My Zucca treats me well..I put two bottles of wine in it :drinkup:
  14. OMG the zucca can fit 2 bottles of wine?! :nuts: