The Steal of the Week/Month/Year (for me at least)! Come see!

  1. Okay, so here's my $170 eBay steal!

    This bag was listed pretty poorly (and those are the kind of bags I hunt for! LOL) so when I found it I knew it was a gem. I still had to haggle and haggle with her over the price (she set a really high reserve on it) but I emerged victorious!

    The girl (who had 100% positive feedback and had sold authentic LV before...good sign) said she carried it only once, and damaged it (there's a little, unnoticible puncture/rip in the canvas next to the right handle where it tried to pull away from the canvas). She had it repaired in NYC and you can't even see it when you carry it. I know, I know, if anyone repairs a bag from LV BESIDES LV, they won't touch it. That's fine. I couldn't pass up this deal, do you blame me?

    I've never bought a "damaged" LV piece so I was a little leery, but when I received it today I was pleasantly surprised! You can't even see the repair and the bag looks great!

    The handles have a very light patina from storage and the gorgeous raspberry alcantra lining is flawless, there's no indication she's carried it at all! I've never had a bag with alcantra lining like that, so opening it just makes me smile!

    And I'm very picky about patina. But this bag is perfect, there's no darkening of the handles from being carried! I love it. When I carried it to the mall earlier, the girls in Sephora were whispering and pointing at it :cutesy: I felt so special! The only monogram bag I have is my pochette.

    This is just such a pretty, feminine, classy little bag; I feel so pretty when I carry it! These are her pics, but I'll post modeling pics later if you guys want :smile:

    The seller was super nice! She included the dust bag, shopping bag and tags. I'm very pleased with my little steal! I think it was totally worth it!

    Anyway, presenting... my beautiful new $170 Sonatine! (Man, I wish they made this bag in damier azur. THAT would be gorgeous wouldn't it?)

    :yahoo::tender: :girlsigh:



  2. Great find, congrats!
  3. thats a great bargain. i love those obscure/bad listings. my white MC bandeau was listed as an unusual mens LV tie.
  4. ^^:roflmfao: how much did you pay for it??
  5. Congrats! Great find!
  6. Wow, great find! Post some pics of the bag with you. Congratz!!!!
  7. £34 shipped so about $68
  8. Nice find! Congrats!
  9. congrats on a fantastic deal :smile:
  10. congrats
  11. Amazing find! I love that bag - Congratulations!
  12. CONGRATS!!! Omg that's such a good deal! And the bag looks amazing!

    You can join my Sonatine club! :p

    My mom has that bag, but you got such a better deal, of course!
  13. i am jealous!! lol!! congrats!!!
  14. WOW! What a great find. So jealous :drool:
  15. Wow, amazing find! She looks great, congrats!