The State of Fashion ?

  1. Which State or Country has the best fashion sense ?

    The coolest ideas ?

    The Best trends ?

    I love Italy, France, London,Thailand ,Japan and San francisco.
  2. Japan has some of the most fashion-forward ideas.

    People from the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands are the most stylish in my opinion.
  3. I do think Americans are some of the least stylish (not any of us forum people who are American though:biggrin: )--and I agree about the Netherlands. I was there on spring break and loved all the flounce skirts I saw, which I'm very partial to anyways. But when I was in Barcelona last year, I really liked the style there too which was more casual, but earthy and interesting.

  4. Thats good to know. I will have to do some research.

  5. I've always been in love with Italian design. Clothing, architecture, automobiles, SHOES, art, (food!) you name it!
  6. I can tell you it's not Pennsylvania.
  7. ^^^lol!! I concur Fendigal!

    I guess I'm usually impressed by the clothes that my Italian friends have and enjoyed their fashion scene when I was there.
  8. I love the British when they mix punk and traditional, like Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen, I love the French for their classy/feminine style, the Italians are so sexy, and as for the Americans...well we're friendly!
  9. Hey, we did do Sex in the City, although most of the fashion came from European designers and I think Kim Cattrell is Canadian.
  10. Yes! The majority of us Americans dress terribly! I guess I'm the only one who doesn't think it's appropriate to wear pajamas on the plane. France has the Chanel skirt suit, and we have..........Juicy Couture sweats. :sick: :roflmfao:

  11. Hahaha :yes:
  12. I love dressing, I find people in American see you as a matrial person if you dress well. I love clothes always have. It makes me fill good when I see others dress well. When I visit NY I watch all of these women living there lives in great style. I would love to go to France and Japan to people watch next.

    As a young girl visiting NY is what made me love style and fashion.
  13. I third that. PA is preppy, sporty or ghetto look. That's about it. Nothing that screams funky or mod.
  14. People who live in NYC have great fashion sense.

    I also like the way Italians and the Brits dress.

    Never been to Scandinavia, but their sense of design is just amazing.
  15. I always loving going to visit my family in Japan because of the shopping! My family's in Tokyo and that part of Japan is definitely fashion-forward (think: high end fashion - i.e. the Prada 7-story flagship store, for example + Harajuku girls a la Gwen Stefani)... but the countryside parts of Japan are definitely trying to follow American fashion :smile: How's that for irony!