the start/your first tokidoki??/current count

  1. just wondering what everyone's first tokidoki purchase was , when there :heart: for toki's started and how much pieces is currently in your collection...

    for first toki was purchased from was a total fake! So offically my first purchase was a OP bella bella. I liked tokidoki from the start but didn't start my collection till June 2007...currenty now have 15 bags...4 denaro, 1 caramella and 1 porta...i'm sure it will continue to grow!:yes:
  2. First purchase: Playground Bambinone at Lord & Taylor in June 2006, immediately followed by an Original Print Bambinone purchase at Urban Outfitters.

    Current count (bags, wallets, etc): 35
  3. Oh my! Congrats on such a large (and lovely) collection! What's next on the "to-do" list? :graucho:

    My first was a Foresta Bambinone back in January 07. I've only got three pieces, but I hope to make my collection grow so much more.:heart:

    I myself never thought I would ever spend this much on a purse of all things, but I'm way into bright and colorful purses. I was carrying a pleather pineapple (yes, it was actually shaped like a pineapple, but it didn't hold much and was like, $5) for a while, then a rainbowish thing from Target, but when I happened to walk by the purses in Macy's with my boyfriend, it was :heart: at first sight. :drool:
  4. Ok, i got my first toki when the original print was online. I got a black though. I regret not getting the bambinone w/the print on the outside like I was considering. And the Denaro&Carmellinas I was considering. Had I had my vinyltoysobsession then,... Oh well. Then, I got the cactus friends..and then my Citta&Infernos. I'd have gone nuts sooner if I'd found tees sooner. I only have 6 bags currently...and 9 toys, 7 shirts, one sweatshirt (but the two new long sleeved ones on the way, and i wish it wasn't shipping dhl..), 3 jewelry (earrings, bastardino necklace, AS bracelet), and a fantasmino keychain.
  5. My first Toki was a Spiaggia Stellina purchased from Macy's (which I later returned because I didn't like the placement).

    I currently have a Famiglia MM, an Inferno Bambinone, a Pirata Zucca, a Pirata Luna, an Inferno Gioco (in the process of being sold), a Tutti Stellina (not sure if I'm keeping), a Notte Denaro, and a Lamore Porta. Also have a Transporto Zucca on pre-order.

    Just sold my AS Bella (too small) and selling my AS BV (too WHITE!).

    And today I bought an Inferno MM which is my absolute dream bag! I'll post pics when I get it.

    As you can see, I change my mind VERY often. :lol:

  6. My FIRST toki was a Adios Star Bambinone. then I returned it for my L'amore Bambinone. I only started to love and collect Tokidoki was ... probabyl around May-June 07 xD

    I currently have...
    ... L'amore Bambinone.. gift from parents
    Paradiso Gioco... gift from friend
    Spaggia Ciao Ciao... from parents
    Pirata Stellina ... from parents
    Citta Rosa Bambinone ... bought it for 70$
    Foresta Bella... bought it for 140$
    Citta Bambino... bought it for 110$
    OP Canguro... bought it for 100$
    Inferno Dolce... bought it for 90$
    Citta Ciao(I'm expecting it in the mail tomorrow)...bought it for 90$
    Paradiso Denaro (Course it's not mine, but I count it as mine... Since I bought it for my BF)... bought for 100$

    Other things that aren't bags...
    I have the Fantasmino Necklace... gift from BF
    All the Moofias... 7.50$ each
    Bastardino and Polpettina.. 20$
    Stickers... yeah lol
  7. My first toki was a Citta Rosa Bella. I love it so much. But yeahhh I first saw tokidoki @ my nephew's 1st baby party and i was like :shocked: and asked the girl what it was and where i could get it..and from then on i was a goner. I currently have 10 Tokidoki for Lesportsac bags, one Euro bag, 1 caramella, 2 denaros, 1 portatelefono and a bunch of toys & shirts lolz.
  8. My first baby was a :heart:Paradiso Bambinone:heart:. It was LOVE at first sight!! And, of course, I haven't stopped buying since - bags, shirts, toys. I thought maybe I was buying way too many bags, but I see some of you guys have just started collecting too and are about 20 bags ahead of me!! :nuts:

    Yay!! I :heart: Tokidoki!!:love:
  9. I wasn't into collecting purses but happened to notice someones reference to their new L'amore Tokidoki in some random blog on the internet one day a few months back. I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with that design and knew I had to have one. Well, I did a little research on the Internet and now 12 bags later.................I'm addicted. My first bag was a L'amore in Ciao Ciao style. I ordered it from Karmaloop and got 20% off retail.
  10. my first bag purchase was on 7/9/2007! *is looking at the receipt* my collection is small but i will slowly collect more >:} as of now i have:

    AS zucca
    AS bambinone
    Inferno bambinone ~ sold it
    Inferno buon viaggio
    *non-bags*: Adios & Ciao Ciao Shirt, Moofia Shirt, Rocketeer Shirt

    I'm not too fond of bright colors or bags with those girls on them so that greatly narrows down the amount of prints i will buy lol. I want to collect more infernos though (zucca, gioco, denaro, mm, ciao ciao, bella... iono all of them! haha, but i gotta find them in placements i like since prices are soo high) and i'm lookin forward to purchasing some Vacanze bags as well +__+
  11. My first bag was an original print bambino!! I got in Hawaii on my honeymoon in april 2006... so I am a long time tokidoki lover... my real obsession didn't start until june/july of 2006 though, when I found the citta print and fell in love with that too... (I didn't realize when I got my original bambino that it was going to be a whole series!!)

    I just did a count. I'm at 17 tokidoki for lesportsac items... (mostly bags, plus two caramellina and one porta)... plus a bunch of tshirts and all the vinyls and moofia... and some other random stuff!! :sweatdrop:
  12. It all started back in May for my 23rd...I got 3 tokis! In total I now have 11 purses, 1 porta, 1 European Toki & a CR Ciao Ciao on its way
  13. my first was the l'amore gioco from eBay.. i got it for slightly less than retail including shipping.. i think now i have 8 or 9 bags, 2 wallets, and 1 portatelefono. :p but i sold and traded away quite a few too.

    l'amore gioco
    paradiso dolce

    inferno bella
    playground denaro
    spiaggia zucca
    spiaggia bambinone
    original bella

    playground bella
    citta rosa buon viaggio
    original stellina

    l'amore denaro
    spiaggia bv
    original bella bella
    pirata zucca
    citta rosa campeggio

    pirata portatelefono
    citta rosa campeggio
    spiaggia campeggio
    paradiso zucca
    l'amore bambino
    tutti dolce
    tutti denaro
    citta rosa gioco
  14. I got a foresta bambinone for my birthday at the end of jan/beginning of feb this yr... got my next one around my sister's birthday at the beginning of march and then met macy's sales :drool:

    several months later I am at a count of... 24 I think?

    and I have several that are in limbo :sweatdrop: I've sold a few along the way also so if you want to know how many I bought and planned on keeping that's a different story :lol:
  15. I had been seeing the Tokidoki bags in Happy Six in West LA for a while, and always thought "Oh, that's so cute, I should get one!" but the price turned me off as I was working a crappy entertainment assistant job and was barely making rent... etc. This was when Inferno and Paradiso were out, so last winter. Then, I got a new, better job that paid about twice as much as my old one and I re-discovered Toki! My first purchase was an Inferno BV, and now I'm up to 7! So far everything has been at retail or under it, so my inner bargain hunter is still happy. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy, but I'm loving it! :nuts: