The start of my Prada collection!

  1. I absolutely love the caramel color of your Saffiano Lux! It's stunning! And I'm totally in love with your espadrilles. I only imagine what a terrific outfit you could put together with all three pieces of your Prada collection. :smile: Your collection is just absolutely lovely!
  2. What a perfect picture!!! Love the loot congrats!!!
  3. What a great collection -- I can see that thought went into every piece. And I love your bag!
  4. great pieces! Love the color.
  5. I NEED those shoes!
  6. I LOVE those wedges!!!!
  7. Nice...
  8. Congratulations! I hope to start a collection too!
  9. Very nice!
  10. neutral color is a nice choice always goes with everythin
  11. :love::love::love:
  12. Thanks for all your comments!

    Yes, I must say I exchanged the saffiano lux tote a couple of times before I was happy with my large caramel one! :smile:
  13. The bag and espadrilles are such a perfect match!:smile:
  14. I have the same shoes and love them!
  15. Love everything. Gorgeous things.