The start of my collection - antique trunk!

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  1. The canvas is actually not canvas - it's linen. I've hesitantly washed it with soft, damp cloths. I'm extremely curious to know what is used to bring back the vibrancy of the linen. If you have any experience, I would be grateful to hear it!

    I've been able to strip some of the paint/??? off of the handles and front lock. I've stopped though, as I'm afraid to strip the gold off. (these pics were pre-hardware polishing)

    As you can see, the front hardware has endured some damage over the years. If I can just get it shiny again, I think we'll look past the fact it is no longer functional! (note there's a piece of the padlock stuck in the main lock - don't know where the padlock that met bolt cutters went)[​IMG]

    I sure do wish I knew who HC of NY was. The mystery of this trunk's adventures is killing me![​IMG]

    I'm waiting to hear the original date of this trunk. ;)
  2. Very cool! I absolutely love these old LV trunks, and hope to have one in my collection some day. It's fun to imagine who might have used them over the years and where they might have traveled. What are you going to keep in yours??
  3. Wow it's fantastic! Who doesn't love a bit of mystery haha. Keep us updates on your repairs :smile:
  4. That's amazing! where did you get it from?
  5. Where did you get yours from and how much did you pay for it (if you don't mind me asking)?? I have a Louis antique trunk as well, it's more like a suitcase trunk actually, much smaller than yours. I'll post a picture soon!
  6. Really nice! Thanks for showing!
  7. Wow... LV AND a piece of history :smile: Well done.
  8. woooowza....keep us posted about your findings and updated pictures of your trunk..thanks for sharing..
  9. So beautiful - great find! Can't wait to hear what year its from!
  10. wow, just like antique roadshow but w/o the history! great piece. hope you can find more answers.thanks for sharing.
  11. Cool! Where did you get this rare gem?? :nuts:
  12. amazing!! these trunks are the best things from LV IMO :P
  13. WOW. I love this sort of stuff. I'm already carried away in the romance of it all.

    Keep us posted on its restoration. It's really a gorgeous trunk, even with all the wear (ESPECIALLY with the wear) - it just adds to its secrets. I'm sure its former owner would be pleased to know you love it too.
  14. Wow!
  15. Thanks for sharing! This is a great post.