The start of a beautiful H friendship (a before and after) ...

  1. Thanks to the wonderful Hermes forum and for all the people to share their goodies/advice! Before, I was pretty :confused1: about Hermes.
    THEN I came upon the lovely PF and after I got my first Hermes item (blue Les Triples), I admit I've been bitten by the H-bug.
    Sellier 32cm Navy Box Kelly with GH
    "Redberries" twilly in blue
    pouchettes: Les Triples in blue :love: and pink, Jeux d'Ombres in taupe, and Les Capucines in beige
    Black enamel (bicolor) scarf / Tribord twilly rings
    Palladium elephant cadena (<-- I love the elephant because I wear mostly white gold however I have GH on my H and non-H bags. So I dunno if I should exchange the little guy to match my bags or just keep him?)
    Ladybug keychain to come ...
    Thanks for letting me share! :flowers:
    IMG_2307.JPG IMG_2304.JPG
  2. Love your collection!
  3. Ooh, pretty stuff!
  4. Hermes friendships should come with a warning label "Warning all who start can't stop so don't blame us! "
  5. Gorgeous collection!! I love the way you wrapped your Kelly handle. Everything is lovely --- Enjoy all of your beautiful new pieces.
  6. I love your is a beauty!

    Glad you are here with us.
  7. wait, is navy different than indigo? gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. i love, absolutely love the dark blues with gold hardware!
  8. Just fabulous & I like your choice of accessories Guccihoochie!
  9. All of your H goodies are just FABULOUS and LOVELY!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful navy box kelly w/ GH!!! She is perfect!! I have the Les Triples in orange and I'm thinking I need it in blue for my DS's room!!! WELCOME TO THE ORANGE SIDE!! We hope you stay for a while!!!
  10. Oooohhhh--your collection is off to a very gorgeous start indeed. Your navy Kelly in box is so elegant--and sassy too with your twilly wrapped around the handle. But I bet you can't just stop at one handbag . . . I can't wait to see what the next one will be. Congratulations!!!
  11. Very, very nice!!! Lovely collection!!!
  12. Beautiful collection. Of course now there's now turning back!
  13. Lovely collection! I'm sure there'll be more to come...
  14. gorgeous box kelly! Love the expert way in which you tied the twilly round the handle... I would never be able to do that
  15. Beautiful collection!! Love the BOX KELLY. :love: