the Stam - Quilted vs Patchwork


Quilted versus Patchwork - Which do you Prefer?

  1. Quilted Leather

  2. Patchwork Leather

  3. I can't decide and/or like them equally

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  1. I don't know if this has been discussed before and with the Search function out of order, I can't locate it. What are your thoughts on the Quilted Stam versus the Patchwork Stam? Which do you like better and why? Pros and/or Cons of each???

    Im still hoping to find a Stam on sale but have been focusing on just the Quilted Elastic, forgetting that some of the Patchwork ones got marked down too. I haven't been a big fan of the Patchwork line, but it all depends on the color (I think some look cheaper than others). For those of you who own both, which do you prefer? Also looking for thoughts in general.

    Thank you in advance!!!
  2. I only own the original quilted Stams. I was never too crazy about the patchwork. I did see a beautiful cherry red patchwork Stam recently (NM??) and it looked great. I could see myself carrying that bag. They are just very different looks. It all depends on which you like the best.
  3. I like the Patchwork in bold jewel tone colors but I think the classic stam looks gorgeous in neutrals... I'd have to say that I like them equally. If either came in purple I think I'd go nuts.
  4. i voted both because they're both gorgeous! the quilted is more classic but the patchwork is so fun! i'm still on the hunt for a quilted and if i could would have multiples in each of different colours!
  5. ITA
  6. The Patchwork feels more modern and fresher to me--and more glam too!

    The Quilted is starting to feel a bit dated. (Just my opinion, of course.)
  7. Cosmopolitan- I think I prefer the patchwork over quilted for those same reasons, too ;) In fact, I was not a fan of MJ earlier because all I had seen were quilted styles which did not appeal to me... JMO