The Stam - Quilted or Patchwork? Which do like Better?


What Type of Stam do You Prefer?

  1. [Traditional] Quilted Leather

  2. Patchwork Leather

  3. I like them Both Equally

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  1. I recently bought my first Stam bags. The first one I got was a Patchwork style from the S/S 2007 line (Slate). Then I found a Quilted Topaz one on eBay & grabbed it up (luv that color!). Up until I bought the Slate bag, I hadn't been much of a fan of the Patchwork line. Something about it did not appeal to me, but I had been searching for a Stam (on sale) for a while & my SA called me about a recent return. I liked the color & the price was right so I decided to get it. I ended up really liking it. The ends of the bag are soft calf leather and the bag is very soft and somewhat "slouchy" (I guess as slouchy as a Stam can be!).

    Having just recd my Topaz Stam in quilted leather, I compared the bags side-by-side. I honestly think I like the Patchwork one better! The leather is much softer and the bag has a natural slouch to it (at first glance, it actually looks smaller than the quilted style, but it's just the way the leather is). I've always been a sucker for soft & slouchy bags which is why I think the Patchwork is more appealing to me.

    I'm just wondering what other people think - which one do you prefer & why? If you own both, which one do you carry most often? If you don't own either, which would you prefer?
  2. I only have quilted Stams. I love the look of the quilted. I have to admit, when I first saw the Patchwork style, I really did not like it. I am warming to the idea, though. I would like to really take a close look at the Patchwork Stam. I think I might like it a lot more than I think. The Cherry Tart and Chocolate are really nice. I like the idea of it being more slouchy than the original.
  3. personally, I just can't dig patchwork ...

    I'm a sucker for the look of quilted leather !
  4. with me its just a matter of color.. some colors are really pretty in quilted such as topaz, white chiffon, taupe and other colors i think suits the patchwork better such as slate. i like the patchwork because its really slouchy and more comfortable IMO. but i like the look of quilted leather, its just absolutely gorgeous. i tend to use my quilted ones more, and with more wear the slouchier it gets (which is how i like it)
  5. At first I only liked the quilted, but the more I started seeing the Patchwork the more I liked it. I guess it depends on the color, but I think that I like the Patchwork more than the Quilted, in the Stam that is.
    I hope that made sense.
  6. monkeedmafia makes a great point. I think the color of the quilted/patchwork makes a difference. Personally I really like Patchwork for the same reasons iluvmybags stated, but the Quilted stams are starting to grow on me too :tup:
  7. quilted1
  8. I have a black patchwork and I love it so much! I agree its just softer (I think) than the quilted.
  9. i have a royal blue (not sure what mj calls this color) quilted stam. quilted looks classier i think. it's just so beautiful and classic, but i'm just a lover of all things quilted.
  10. what season is that from? I don't ever remember a Royal Blue Stam - that's gotta be pretty!!! The only blue I remember is from the first season [of stams] and that was cobalt, which is very rare & HTF. is that the color you have??
  11. i voted i like them both equally!
  12. I really wasn't liking the Stam when it first came out. Then when it came out in patchwork I fell in love! I love the patchwork leather it is so luscious.
  13. mj always does an amazing job with blues and they're always so hard to find. petrol came out in fall 05 and then there was blue in s/s of 07. i am so angry that i missed out on blue! it was ridiculously beautiful. i managed to snag a cosmetics pouch in this color, but it's not enough. i want the stam or a navy venetia!