the ST. VALENTINES club!

  1. show off your valentine goodies here!
  2. the Couers, the envelope plates, the keychain, phone lanyard, etc!
  3. Ooh I think I qualify for this club now with my Valentine tambour bijou :love:.
    watchside.jpg wearingthewatch.jpg
  4. My Cles in Violette Vernis (hanging from my Vernis Houston in Fuchsia!)

  5. This is so lovely!!!!!!!!! How much did it retail for? :heart:
  6. good god, that is GORGEOUS! lucky girl! congrats!!
  7. Thanks you two, I've definitely been enjoying her :yes:.

    I think she retailed for 13,300 although I'm not sure if that's the exact number.

    Pro_shopper: I love that cles!! Especially in that color. Is it able to hold credit cards all right?
  8. ^ Thank you so much, I still haven't used the cles yet, it sits in the box and I look at it sometimes lol! I will find a chance to use it soon...Yes its true that you can fit CC in the Cles! Its so much bigger you can actually fit lots of CCs and cash in the middle zipper compartment and there is a CC slot in the back! Definetly a good buy if you need something for CCs! I also heard that it might be coming in the perle color!
  9. that watch is adorable!
  10. Great to know! I withheld getting the old vernis cles because of the credit cards not being able to fit issue. I think your post has enabled me to check into getting this cles :graucho:. Thanks for the info and enjoy your new purchase :yes:.
  11. Okay I relented and got the violette cles too. Dang peer pressure :shame:.
    The color is sooo pretty and love that it fits all of my cards :tup:.
  12. Lucky you! That is absolutely gorgeous!
  13. Thanks! I'm was never much of a watch person until I got this one. Now I can't stop wearing it lol.

    And you're the lucky one! I've seen your collection, it's definitely one to be envied :girlsigh:.
  14. Lol I can see why! It's amazing!
    And aw, thanks. :shame: