The Sriracha Appreciation Thread

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  1. [​IMG]

    I thought it was time this wonderful sauce had its own thread.

    You love it, right?

    Then this is the place for you.


    Lets see your Sriracha pictures, your Sriracha bottle on your kitchen counter, your Sriracha collectibles.

    Lets share Sriracha recipes, let's celebrate Sriracha!

    Has anyone tried these??

  2. Oh my...I love this stuff! I often battle between Sriracha and Tabasco.
  3. Me too! I also like tapatillo :P
  4. LOVE Sriracha!! The chile garlic sauce is also awesome, professional grade hot. Yum. Does anyone have any special recipes they use Sriracha with?
  5. Oh yes! I prepared this potato salad with a mixture of sriracha and mayonnaise, with a squeeze of lime...easy and delicious!

    Oh, I also forgo the salsa at Chipotle and squeeze sriracha on top of my burrito bowl when I get home :lol:

  6. Sriracha chicken wings: sriracha, Korean red pepper paste, soy sauce, mirin, garlic powder, chopped fresh garlic, green onions

    I also like corn salad: canned corn, tobiko , Japanese mayo, sriracha
  7. I like to mix it with Dutch mayo, to dip my fries in! Yummy
  8. ^I was just thinking of that! Mayo and sriracha for my fries!

    And it goes in just about every soup I make. There are tons of recipes out there, but I always find myself ignoring the recipes and just splashing it on just about everything.
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    LOVE sriracha sauce! I always have one at work..and have one at home. I especially like it in soup and when cooking w/ seafood to add an extra kick to it.

    Oh it's also good on pizza...
  10. Have you guys tried this sauce? I alternate hot sauces...this stuff is pretty good, too. The original kind is the best..

    I'm hispanic..therefore..I like my food spicy! :biggrin:

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  11. ^Oh, I also love to put hot sauce in my buttermilk for frying chicken...
  12. ^Yep...the original is in my fridge line-up of hot sauce.
  13. I love the sriracha flavored dried peas!

  14. Choloula is my second favorite sauce after Sriracha! ❤️
  15. ^Same here!