The Squeeze bag


Mar 18, 2011
So, I was able to see and handle this bag in the smaller size today at the Ala Moana boutique in Honolulu. Launch is Thursday with an event on Saturday. Entirely my personal take -
Honestly, I like it a lot. Though it is pricey. The lambskin is deliciously soft but not puddly. It’s flat on the one side, allowing it to shape to your body for crossbody.
That padded handle can slide and come off completely because it is hollowed out in the middle and you feed the chain through it. The handle is very comfy for handheld and has almost no weight at all - making it comfy for shoulder and crossbody wear but may tend to slip off the shoulder. The doughnut chain is much lighter than the original doughnut because they made it with stainless steel and aluminum. And sections of the chain can be removed depending on how long or short of dangle or wear you prefer. Colors - oak, olive and chocolate are lovely.
I thought the best looks for me personally was handheld using the padded handle as in the suede version in the previous photos and short-ish drop shoulder wear, like a hobo. Crossbody looks pretty cool too, but not necessarily for me petite self.
That’s all I got and hth. I would highly recommend checking it out in person.