The Spy who Loves U - San Francisco Edition

  1. Took a trip into San Francisco today to peruse the Balenciaga section of Barney's and Neiman Marcus. I was hunting for any Coquelicot left. I found a lonely Coq RH Day with questionable leather at Barneys and passed on it. Nothing left in Coq bags at the NM!! Got loads of pics. :smile: Lovely purple metallic City at Neiman Marcus. Would've snagged it, but I don't do the City!

    Lets start with Neiman Marcus...they have more stock in the back...I saw a pretty RH Cyclamen Town, but it had a scratch on the front. Also a Grenadine GSH town...


    nm_spywallets.jpg nm_big.jpg wall_nm.jpg nm_case2.jpg
  2. Barney's had a wide selection. Some Suede bags in the dark grey, black and a mustard/brownish yellow color. Also the Animal print bags. Some Blue Paon, Atlantique. Pretty much wiped out of Coq.



    barneys_case_1.jpg barneyscase3.jpg case_4barney.jpg
  3. Animalier, Suede and some yucky Parme...

    suede_animal.jpg parme_yuck.jpg
  4. Wow, fab spy pics!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
  5. i am drooling! so many BBags in the one place !! thanku for sharing!
  6. HA *v* .. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!! That's because we have to really s-e-a-r-c-h and h-u-n-t for our bags!!
  7. wowww thanks for the spy picutres...i want a new wallet/cp/pencil so bad :love:
  8. What do you call that black wallet that's up on the shelf?
  9. WOOOOO....thanks!

    Might be going to Seattle in 2 weeks. Hope all the Holiday bags are out in the stores! Will def. send in my report if I get around to do shopping in Neiman and Barneys!!!!!

  10. Great spy pics. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Thanks for the eye candies!:biggrin: