~~~ The Spring 2010 scarves

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  1. #1 Jul 20, 2009
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    A little bird just told me what the Spring 2010 offerings will be. I am SO excited to share them with you. Please excuse my French, as it is not good. As we know, the theme will be:

    Story telling/Fairy tales
  2. For the RECOLORATIONS of the silk twills:

    Grand Apparat
    Cavaliers d'Or
    Marquis Lafeyette
    Cliquettes - Keys all over the scarf and a key bag at one corner
  3. Jersey scarves:

    Bride de Gala pattern repeated in mini squares (from a season or 2 ago)
    Cheval sur mon carre
    Jeu du Omnibus

    Cotton scarves:

    Belles du Mexique
    Kelly Caleche
    Vif Argent
  4. thanks for the info
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    PM mousselines:

    Folklore (this will come in a long stole also)
    Vol Ameraux de Azures (tree branches with cherry blossoms)

    GM mousselines:

    Brazil (will be a zoom)
    Collage et camoflage
    New Springs
    Brides Rebelles - modern graphic equestrian

    GM Cashmeres:

    Tour le Cles
    Couvetures et tenues
    Collection equestre - modern looking equestrian - no horse on it, just horse bits
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    Brazil (zoom)

    Special set of pochettes: 4 pochettes in a series called "Tell me a story".

    The first is the Princess and the Pea - a princess on the top of the scarf, laying on top of many stripes (beds).

    The second is Little Red Riding Hood. She is carrying the wolf in her arms.

    The third is The Little Mermaid. A mermaid sitting in seaweed.

    The forth is Puss and Boots. The story of a the cat, in many images.
  7. Thank you for sharing ;)
    The Cliquettes sounds great to me.
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    The new twills:

    H Comme Histories

    La Legende du Poisson Corail - a swirly mosaic

    Fairy Tales by Hermes - a collage of turn of the century (very old) illustrations - very much like the Zabavushka scarf with all the toys pushed together.

    Les Domes Celestes - looks like millefiori

    Brides Rebelles - equestrian bits

    Quintessense - musical theme with a treble clef on the left, a harp on the right and lots of musical notes.

    Lilanga - a cartoonish scarf with an African theme. Goofy mice with big ears, wearing sarong wraps.

    Pelages et Camoflague - animal print with Zebra, leopard, and an H print. Lots of squares like a quilt.

    Les Dix Cavaliers - very similar to this season's Le Monde est Vast with the a map of the world sliced up. However, in this scarf, it is a horse sliced up.
  9. Thanks for sharing, sounds lovely!
  10. thank you so much for your info

    The special set of pochettes sound perfect
  11. As for any unusual colors, I hear that there will be alot of pinks and baby blues.

    I hope to see pictures of these scarves very soon and will try to give a better description.

    This news made my day!! :yahoo:
  12. Sounds great... except the sliced up horse... not so sure about wearing one of those around my neck :lol:

    Thanks for the info, scarfmischief. :yahoo:
  13. Thanks for sharing.

    I've always loved Couvetures et tenues when I saw first it as a cashmere scarf. So thrilled it'll be available as a shawl. :yahoo:
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    70 cm's - vintage scarves:

    Tours les Cles

    Sur la Reves du Lemone- water color paintings at a saling boat event.

    Kelly and Pearls - African scarf with a Kelly bag in the center of it. Possibly with pearls or beading, can't read my own handwriting!

    Collection equestre - equestrian bits.

    Ribbons de Cheval

    another scarf with several men's ties laying flat, next to each other
  15. I would have to get the special set of pochettes. I'd just have to! :biggrin: