The spoiled under-30 crowd

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  1. Thanks...this has been driving me crazy!!!
  2. ^ I totally had a necklace full of those! Completely forgot about those!
  3. This is hilarious, but I feel old!
  4. I LOVE those. I only ever had one charm though, it was a little yellow abacus with multicolor beads.
  5. Lol, twins! Same day, too!

    And yeah I hated downloading songs on dial took sooo long and my parents always wanted to use the computer but I wouldn't let them because it would mess up the download. Or if they picked up the phone and started dialing, it would get all screwed up. :roflmfao:
  6. Actually, my mom did the popcorn in a wok...every single kernal was popped! :yes: It was such a great event when she decided to do that.

    :popcorn: Now we can microwave it anytime we want--with all the butter and salt already added. :sad: (not good for the midriff).

    Take care,
  7. I feel exactly the same way too. My city had rarely any graffitti and I could walk home (at the age of 4) several blocks by myself. I remember the washing machine (you had to manually fill with water from the sink) and it had these rollers on top. I showed this to a friend (in his mid-twenties) at an antique store and he has never seen one before. My parents used this for decades and refused to buy a new machine. Also, we hung our laundry on clothes lines. That fad is coming back.

    Take care,
  8. I remember those! All I remember having was the tennis racket.

    And "slap bracelets?" Remember those? :P
  9. Brilliant!!:biggrin:

    I'm waaaay over 30 so I also walked to school!!!
  10. OMG Hilarious!!!! I am 29 and my now-ex bf has kids. I would say stuff like that to them!!:roflmfao:
  11. I'm almost 27 (in two more months!!!), and I do remember a lot of those things.. except we did have internet when I was really young... about 12, I think? However, it was dial-up and pretty useless anyway! I still thought we were pretty darn cool, because very few others at school or in the neighborhood had internet yet at the time. We also had microwaves for as long as I can remember too. But otherwise, yeah... kids these days really do have it easy!!
  12. Lol at the jiffy pop!
  13. I'm 29 as well,and this was definately a trip down memory lane..:roflmfao:
  14. OMG, I soo remember those!:yes: