The spoiled under-30 crowd

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  1. I'm only 22 but I remember that stuff too!
    I actually kind of liked some of those things better then than the way they are now. :P

    I remember when MTV actually showed music videos and when the Disney Channel was a pay channel only. We had preview weekends and I'd watch Care Bears and Under the Umbrella Tree. I also remember when Nickelodeon showed the good stuff like Hey, Dude, Clarissa Explains it All and all those fun game shows (Wild & Crazy Kids, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Nick Arcade etc.).

    All this talk makes me just want to be a kid again lol.
  2. That's too funny. I remember when I would make plans with my friends to meet at the movies, and after everyone left their house, there was no way of getting a hold of them. So, if someone was late, we would have to just go to the show without them or wait.
  3. LOL! This is so cute!
  4. Oh god that was funny!
  5. Very cute. Thanks for posting!
  6. :roflmfao: loved it...I so remember trying to tape from the Radio and being mighty peeved at the DJ talking, actually so many of these things bring back so many memories.
  7. personally, i :heart: space invaders
  8. haha that is funny
  9. LOL! Wow that is brilliant!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I remember

    + upgrading from the Atari 2600 to the Colecovision!

    + using an Apple II with the 5" floppies

    + wanting Martha Quinn's hair (and if you don't know who Martha Quinn is you definitely don't know the 80s)

    + finally getting a cordless phone with that big antenna - whoa!

    + listening in on my neighbor's calls made on a cordless phone on my boom box

    and so much more! God, I love the 80s.
  10. I'm 26 and I remember writing letters..and watching cartoons only on saturday morning..hahaha..those were the good old days...
  11. i'm turning 23 this november but i remember some of these things so vividly as i read the email, lol... the slowest dial up connection that i used to download mp3s! i always crossed my fingers for the whole 40 minutes it took to dl one 4 minute song, bc if someone called, i would be kicked off and screwed!!

    then there was the 3 way calling.. i remember the first time i realized there was such a feature on my telephone service was when i acidentally connected my friend's crush into my friend and my conversation. it was hilarious bc everything she said about her crush was heard by her crush!

  12. Oh yesss I remember doing the same thing to my neighbour and I was so sure that they knew I was listening in.
  13. I just turned 26, and I remember writing letters and trying to tape songs off the radio! :P

    Oh yah. Those dial up days were AWFUL but so much fun at the same time!
  14. I'm 30 and remember all of that stuff.

    I remember the day we got a microwave....the store actually had us attend a class to learn how to operate it! Before that we had a toaster oven.

    I remember when cordless phones came out...with the metal pull out antenna

    I remember when the internet came out....there was like yahoo and IRC chat. Shoot, I remember when MSN opened their website. Dial up sucked and my parents always yelled at me because I was hogging up the phone line.

    We didn't even do Jiffy Pop...we had a popcorn machine with the little dish on top that melted the butter while it was popping.

    I remember the big huge cell phones, and then the popular Motorola flip phones.

    I had Atari....god, I could play pacman and frogger for hours on end. Then we had Colecovision. Then finally, in 6th grade we got Nintendo.

    And taping from the radio....yesssss!!! I'd spend an entire Saturday trying to make the ultimate mix tape and cursing when the stupid announcer wouldn't shut up. Now it takes me 2 seconds to make a playlist on iTunes.

    Ahhhh I love the 80s and 90s!
  15. that is so true about saturday morning cartoons. they had some after school but they always went off by like 6pm.

    but I disagree overall. I had the best childhood ever, children today don't know about fun. everything is created for them and thats why some of them are so dissatisfied.