The Splash line

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am headed to Longchamp today to pick up a bag and I'll be sure to look at a couple of pieces from the Splash collection as well. However, I don't think I'll buy anything cos the totes, neckerchiefs, etc. wouldn't go with anything in my closet! Unfortunately :P

    I love the fun look of the Splash pieces though. The blue tones just make me want to go on vacation right away and the pink colours are just sooo warm and beautiful! :heart:

    Does anyone own any Splash pieces?
  2. I have the bleu/blueberry small with long handles. Picked it up at Galeries Lafayette last week. They do not fold, the SA will package it flat. I plan to wear mines with jeans and a blouse/t-shirt.

  3. Soooo pretty. I think it's a great summer bag. I wear a lot of white in the summer. I think the bag will match perfectly.
  4. My local store has one, it's a lovely bag for spring. I'm considering it, I worry about it getting dirty being a light coloured bag.

    Oh, decisions, decisions. :smile:

  5. I've asked my husband for this exact bag for my early April birthday...planning to take it on vacation to Hawaii in May. Can't wait - hoping it'll be perfect for the trip!!
  6. Perfect for Hawaii and the upcoming seasons! Hope you get it and enjoy your trip!:smile:

  7. It's so beautiful! I really love how vibrant the shades of blue are. I'm sure it'll look good with the outfit you have in mind. Do post some modeling pics when you carry it!
  8. =)

    Here is mine. Just purchased from the Corte Madera Nordstrom. It's so comfortable and fun to carry. And the print is so beautiful. Even the sales associates were gushing over this gorgeous bag. I definitely recommend it.

    Here is a picture I took from the San Quentin beach. :P
  9. Will do!:smile:
  10. I love how the bags are not identical. Enjoy yours!

  11. This is a great picture! It goes well w the Sun hat and flip flops :smile:
  12. So fresh and fun! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Thank you everyone! :biggrin:
  14. This photo of Splash took my breath away. WOW.
  15. Thank you hitt. :smile: