The Spicey Epice lives on!

  1. I placed my order with Sacoche (thanks Princess for your update). I'm getting the same bag she bought; Epice Medium Quilted Bay. I'm cautiously excited!

    This bag should tie me over for a very, very long time. It's been my dream to have an orangy/red purse for literally years?
  2. That's so awesome! I think you're going to be so happy :yahoo::yahoo:!

    Two out of my four "real" bags are red, so I definitely understand the call!
  3. Hey Susie, Congratulations on bagging that one - I :heart: the Epice Quilted Bay ( and as I remember the sale price was very good too:tup:). Hope she reaches you quickly with no probs. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
  4. Congrats, I really like this bag! Dare I say... more than the paddy...?

    And the color is superb! I'm eyeing one on Diabro...
  5. Susie - I am so excited for you! I can't wait to share it! - er - that's okay with you - right?

  6. Now we can swap Bays, if you KWIM he he!!:yes: