The Spice Girls

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    WHEN 32-year-old Victoria Beckham sauntered into the Chanel fashion show in Paris last week, she looked as good as any of the models on the catwalk.​

    Spotty since she was a teenager, Posh has transformed her skin with microdermabrasion treatments, which use microscopic crystals to remove the dead skin and stimulate collagen regeneration (from £40 nationwide).​

    At 5ft 6ins and under 8st, there's no doubt that Victoria is super-slim - even if she claims to have saggy skin on her stomach.​

    Said to be super-disciplined when it comes to her diet, Posh shuns her favourite snack, crisps, for high protein, low calorie bites.​

    When hunger pangs kick in, she munches on raw fish such as sushi and prawns, pineapple chunks, and veg like olives and uncooked sugarsnap peas.​

    But diet alone doesn't keep Posh in tip--top condition - she uses her trampoline to burn calories. Ten minutes jumping is the equivalent of 30 minutes' jogging.​

    Keeping fit is also a family affair as Victoria does 200 stomach crunches with husband David before they go to bed every night - and then there's all that exercise when the lights go out...​


    THE youngest Spice Girl, 30-year-old Emma Bunton, always looked fresher-faced than the rest.​

    In last week's Strictly Come Dancing she was as smooth-skinned and as supple as ever.​

    Dating a younger man is clearly the secret to her youthful looks - Emma's been with 26-year-old Jade Jones for eight years.​

    On a more day-today basis, she also body brushes each morning, then slathers herself with E45 moisturising lotion (£3.19 from Boots) to maintain an all-over glow.​

    At the peak of her Girl Power fame, Emma carried some puppy fat but has since ditched the junk food she gorged on while touring with the girls.​

    The singer works hard to keep off the stone and a half she's lost since the Spice Girls split. She says: "I'm not naturally slim, so I walk down a road instead of drive. I love food, so I have to exercise. I never thought I'd say this, but I enjoy the gym."​

    Rehearsing the gruelling dance routines for Strictly Come Dancing has also kept Emma in super-fit shape over recent weeks.​

    The show's fans probably appreciate more than most that Emma's not, as she says, "a wee, skinny thing". Glowing with health and vitality, Baby's all woman now.​


    IN London at the weekend, 31-year-old Melanie Brown showed off the sleek new look and slick grooming that caught the eye of movie star Eddie Murphy.​

    The Leeds lass - who now lives in LA - looks even better than she did in her Scary days. Framing her line-free face, Mel's trademark corkscrew curls have been tamed and ironed into a shiny, straight look - instantly updating her image.​

    Shocked when her age caught up with her in 2003, she ballooned to a size 14. But she gave up the hamburgers and the weight quickly dropped off.​

    Mel has always insisted she's never dieted and has so far managed to avoid faddy LA eating plans.​

    Still an extrovert, her idea of exercise is running around naked in her garden with her daughter Phoenix Chi, and swimming daily lengths of her pool. To strengthen her limbs and help her keep that famous washboard stomach, Mel's a devotee of Qi-gong, an ancient yoga art also practiced by actress Melanie Griffith and skinny hellraiser Iggy Pop.​

    But it must be the love of a good man that's transformed Mel B from pretty Leeds lass to stylish Hollywood beauty​


    A YUMMY mummy at 34, a radiant Geri Halliwell wowed the crowd with her svelte post-baby body at a charity do in London earlier this month.​

    Although Bluebell Madonna will be giving her mum sleepless nights, Geri's skin looked smooth as a baby's bottom.​

    To get her dewy finish, she uses antiageing face cream Nivea Visage Anti- Wrinkle Q10 Day Creme (£6.29 from Boots).​

    Her tip for instant toning before a big night out is to jump in a cold shower after a bath. She says: "It's fantastic. Don't have a facelift - get in a cold shower."​

    As a self-confessed former bingeeater, Geri's weight has lurched from a buxom size 14 to a dangerous size six.​

    But becoming a mum five months ago has given her curves and she now has a low-fat, high-carb regime and runs 10 miles a week with a small backpack of weights.​

    She says: "I'm just over 5ft and my weight has ranged from six-and-a-half stone upwards, but I've never felt comfortable until now."​


    FROM bony to bulky, 32-year-old Melanie Chisholm has been to blonde and back. But now Sporty is looking her best again.

    Having grown out her ageing bleached hair, Melanie's prettier than ever with her long, glossy dark mane.

    And she's learned to stop obsessing about her looks. She says: "I only recently stopped worrying about how I looked. Age plays a big part. I used to pretend I didn't care what other people thought - now I don't."

    During the Spice Girl's reign, Melanie dieted obsessively, then she became a binge-eater and her weight ballooned.

    These days, Mel has a healthy attitude to food. She says: "I've tried every faddy diet under the sun and it's all b*****ks. A healthy, balanced diet - everything in moderation - is the answer."

    Scouser Mel confessed that as Sporty she was addicted to exercise but now she works out gently.

    She says: "I've been doing yoga for five years and I love it. I also run and visit the gym - but I never feel guilty if I don't go."

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    Okay: What's your favorite

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