The Speedy Modeling Club! Show Us! "-)

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  1. Not sure TOTALLY if this is in the RIGHT place, mods???

    But here I am! Vintage '84 French Co. Speedy Mono 25.....

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  2. Here's mine, a 35-love it!!!!!

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  3. mono speedy 30 and azur speedy 30, I'm 5"1 for reference.



    I am so excited about my speedies, I could see myself regularly contributing pictures of me wearing my bags. You guys are going to be like, 'ummmm, enough already!'

    I already have a different outfit I want to try the azur with next. When I get a chance I'll put it on and find a moment to take a picture of it. I don't have any recent pictures of myself wearing my damier speedy 30.

    I hope to see lots more ladies and gents, I love looking at speedy modeling pics. I am especially interested in seeing epi speedies, please post pics!!
  4. ill post my 25 and 35 mono as soon as my 35 comes in this week :biggrin:
    everyone looks great :tup::heart:
  5. i only have azur speedy so far but i am only 15 so i think its acceptable

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  6. Ya got me beat girlfriend. My vintage 25 was given to my on my 18th birthday.....uh....a long time ago, yeah, that's it.....a looong time ago! You weren't even born!!!! I doubt your parents were even MARRIED!!! :yahoo:
  7. '08 Monogram Speedy 25 with Pomme Cles (and an Hermes Indian Dust scarf) :love:

  8. '06 Damier Speedy 25 with Hermes Ribbons Twilly :love:

  9. These pictures are fabulous ladies!!

    Princess_eab, can I beseech for a modeling picture of your red epi speedy? I know people say that the epi speedy is comparable in size to a canvas 30 but do you find that to be really true? I am so on the fence about epi speedy or epi alma.
  10. ^^Yes! please post modeling pics! I'm also thinking of the epi speedy in red but don't know how it looks on.
  11. what a great idea for a thread :biggrin:!

    I'm loving all these photos and jchiara I LOVE YOUR VINTAGE SPEEDY - just makes me fall in mine again.. :biggrin:
  12. Untitled.jpg

    here my MC, i have 2 other speedys..ill take pics when i get a chance.
  13. oops double post
  14. Ok Here I am with my Mirage Speedy in Noir:love:


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  15. ^^ lOVE the mirage, i wish i bought one when they were out =/