The "speedy" it still available in stores?

  1. I don't have a pic of one but it looks like a little speedy on a chain. I'd like to hang one on my Damier Speedy. Is it still available in stores? What is it called and how much does it cost?

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Have you checked elux? I think I saw some on there. You should also try 866-vuitton and they will search all the stores.
  3. They had some in Toronto. It's 275.00 Canadian (I think).
  4. speedy inclusion or speedy vachetta..
    I saw elux still have speedy inclusion and karenkooper has the vachetta
  5. The vachetta ones (as well as the nomade brown and the black) were supposed to be VIP gifts from Champs Elysee, although I've heard they were also retailling there as well.
  6. Yeah my stores here still have them (The Speedy Inclusion keychains) though they're nearly sold out now. Elux's stock comes and goes as well.
    Here are mine (I like the black the best)
  7. There are two pieces of the vachette ones one Ebay
  8. I was in Las Vegas last month and the LV's there had both colors available.
  9. That's right, I picked up a beige one at Yorkdale yesterday. :love:
  10. So, I called LV that is near me and they do have one key chain available. One problem though...the bag that I would wear it the most with would be my Epi Speedy in black and it has silver hardware. The keychain has gold hardware. Would they look odd together? I have Damier Speedy as well but I don't use it as often. Plus, wouldn't beige key chain go better with Damier (instead of the black)? I was so excited about the idea of having a little charm for my favorite speedy! Not sure if I'll like the look of silver and gold together...:crybaby:

    What do you think????
  11. Yes, they are still around. The vachetta ones celebrate the re-opening of the Champs-Elysees store and can be purchased. I think I got mine for 150ish euros?
  12. Mixing metal colors is hot! I love the look of silver and gold used to be a "no no" like that whole white after Labor Day thing but I think you can do whatever you want. I think it's the whole "matchy matchy" thing that's really "out."
    I don't have any pieces with the silver hardware, only the gold, but I always wear my super long silver necklace and they look great together!
  13. The black one IS hot!
  14. I love the beige