The SPEEDY incident

  1. I had taken my mandarin epi speedy to get the rings repaired because they had started rusting after 2 months of purchase. It has been 7 WEEKS!! They were non responsive when i called to see where my purse was at. So i went in yesterday and they kept ummming and hummmming about when i would get the damned thing back. It had been at repair longer than i had actually had the bag. So i demanded that they replaced it with a new one. At first the manager said no, causing my mother to throw a fit. And LOW and BEHOLD, they let me exchange it with anything in the store. I swear, they dont let you do anything until you get super pissed.

    And of course, the didnt have my i ended up with a Mandarin alma. Since they let me get a new purse, i also snatched up their last magenta perf keychain.
    Im still pretty pissed off about the whole thing, their service is pretty terrible now. For a expensive purse, you'd think their service and quality would be better than this. I doubt i'll be buying another purse anytime soon again.
  2. wow. i would be totally pissed off well!! It seems like the hardwares on the epi rusts easily? I was at the store yesterday and some of the epis they shown me had rusty/oxidized hardwares too. It was a big turn-off. THat's probably why they are changing all the hardwares on the epi.
  3. oh no! what does that mean for the epi i got. made on '03...i got it used from someone, therefore old hardware. She used it 2 times, me once. Will it rust!??? i'm scared now. it was a lot of money
  4. oh no, seriously??? the harware get rusty??? i was gonna buy an Epi Jasmine this summer. Might have to change my mind after hearing this then.
    weibaodai, sorry a/b your speedy.
  5. Its funny, but ive never had a problem with LV hardware. They usually last. I think their older bags are still made better. Theyre changing all of their epi hardware from (brass to silver?, well its a silver like metal) I understand that if you had the bag for a long time 5+ years, oxidation is normal, but jeezz...i had it for 2 months, wore it twice.
  6. This story makes me want to rethink my new Epi Speedy!!!:evil:
  7. There's no excuse for your hardware to be rusting after just 2 months. LV should be ashamed, and also they should be ashamed for the lousy customer service you got! ;)
  8. They actually couldnt even replace it with another speedy. They were all out, and the red and black ones looked all lumpy. I cant believe i was in the store for 2 hours. What a waste of my time. I wouldve had them transfer another one over, but i didnt want to go back AGAIN for the 4th time, and since the leather on the new epi's are "lighter" (as in weight) and the opening on the 25 is smaller, it causes a rippling effect on the top of the bag. It almost looks like my bag was aging, from all the wrinkling. haha. BUT i still soooo love the shape of the speedy. Im still sad that i had to give it up for the alma, but there was just one too many problems with that bag.
  9. You mean to tell me that LV don't know where your bag is currently? It's one thing about the rusty hardware, but to lost your bag while on repair is unexcusable.Omg, that's BAD to the bone.
  10. The manager said that he had to check because ALL of the people in the repair dept were on vaca....psh...had to believe. Then he said that they might not have even started. HELLLLOOOO its been almost 2 months and they havent even started on my repair! I will NEVER get anything repaired with them!
  11. Im pretty sure they "misplaced it" and hoped i'd forget it.
  12. Their older bags are definitely made better. My mum's mono speedy from '83 is still in tip-top condition! totally rust-free. my other monos are fine cos they are brass. But it seems like the metal alloy (not brass) they used on the epi range for some colors are really bad. The selling stock i saw were ALL oxidised. The new hardwares which are shiny and not matt should hold out better. I don't think the new shiny ones are stainless steel too.
  13. That is unacceptable! If they give you a time frame, they should stick with it. 2 months is a long time and to think that they might've not even started the repair is just unbelievable. I would be put off with LV by that.

    I'm glad that you got something else when you went into the store.
  14. I'm glad you set them straight, that type of service is ridiculous! paying that much for a bag we should only get the best quality and service, I'm sorry you couldn't get the speedy but at least they let you get the alma...I wish you the best with the alma!
  15. I had a problem with my epi petit noe. I ordered it from the 1-800 line about 1 1/2 months ago. When it arrived, the drawstring had a crack in it. So, I called and the rep said that he would reimburse me for shipping and he would send a new purse. I had to send the defective purse first before they could send the other one b/c the second purse would be sent from a store....blah blah... Finally, I got the purse, and the da** drawstring had black stuff on the top of the drawstring. I was pretty mad b/c I had already sent one purse back. So, I called back. The lady on the phone told me she couldn't help me since this would be second time I had problem. I had to speak with the rep that had assisted me before. The girl had the nerve to tell me that her drawstring did the same thing (I guess it is supposed to be normal for brand new purse :mad: ). I could understand if I had the purse for awhile, but it was supposed to be new. I ended up wiping down the drawstring with soap and water...most of it came off. ANYWAY, when I finally talked to someone that could help me, the rep told me that I would have to send the entire purse again if I wanted a new drawstring. I declined b/c I am afraid that if I send it back again, something else will happen. I do not want to order anything else on the phone. At least at the store, I can actually look over the bag before I buy it. The only reason why I purchased on the phone is b/c they didn't have madarin color at the nearest boutique. The thing that made me so mad was that the reps seemed like they were getting irritated.