The Speedy 30 is not much more than speedy 25 so...

  1. What was reasoning for choosing the one you did or why do you want one over the other?
  2. i chose the Speedy 25 because i'm only 5'4" and anything bigger would look laughable on me
  3. I wish LV made a speedy 27! LOL. That would be the PERFECT size!
  4. so how would it be on someone 5'6? Still laughable? I want/NEED a LV store near me!!!
  5. i'm guessing because the speedy 30 it only 2" long then the speedy 25
  6. I thought I wanted a 25 for sure, then I went into the store and the opening on the 25 was much too narrow for me. I quickly learned to fill my 30 and I love it.
  7. I am 5'11". The 30 looked better on me.
  8. teehee i agree!! actualli i quite like the size of the speedy 25... i think the speedy 30 is too big though... i think i would like a speedy 27!! :drool:
  9. Economically, my brain tells me to get the 30 but I ended up getting the 25 because 30 looks ridiculous on me.
  10. I chose the Speedy 35, it's alittle more bigger and fits my style. I'm only 5'2" (I usually wear 3-4" heels/wedges, though) and a size 16-18. I'm soo drawn to big bags, they might look ridicules on me but, I love them!...come to think of it I don't think I even own a small bag, except a clutch/evening purse.

    I really think you should go with the 30, unless you are under 5' and's not much bigger than the 25.
  11. I am only 5'4" also, but it was a no brainer to me in getting the 30...I carry A LOT of stuff every day, so I needed the extra space of the Speedy 30.

    The 25 is so darn cute though........
  12. I'm 5'6" and am torn between the 30 and 35???
  13. I'd go for the 30 for sure! The 35 just looks too big...It somehow loses some of it's proportion to the handles when it is bigger than the 30 (at least in my opinion). Of course the keepalls (which have larger handles, etc. are gorgeous and also have the leather trim which balances them out!)
  14. On paper.... the size diference didnt seem big but in person,.... boy, there sure is a difference. I wanted to like 30 more because it fits more stuff and the opening to the bag is bigger but I ended up getting the 25 because since it is smaller it is easier to find things in my bag and it looked more suitable for my small frame than the 30. But if you can pull off the 30, by all means get the 30 as long as you are prepared to deal with a bit more sagging.