The Special Order (SO) Club

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  1. Oooh I haven't updated this Club!!! So many darn Clubs, I lose track of my memberships! :blink:

    Anyway, D-Deauville is even more beautiful now - she has a heatstamped luggage tag, and a gorgeous Trunks & Bags Vernis Keycharm I bought specifically for her! :tender:

    Here's the post from my Collection Thread:

  2. Is it possible to SO a damier manhattan GM? I couldn't keep my eyes off one when I saw it at texworld in Paris (anyone? was this you?) this past feb.

  3. Just came upon this thread. Does anyone know that SO in vernis speedy 30 is possible?:shrugs:
  4. No. :tdown: :crybaby:

    I have been asking for SO in Vernis for years, just in case I get a yes, ...a passport cover (broke down and got the camo)...the pegase in 60, not 50. Alas, no. :crybaby: I've been told SO is only done in mono & damier, or special models & colors (epi or the bucket in vernis).

    If LV tells you any different and are able to place a vernis SO, post a thread!
  5. it was possible for a very very short time in japan only..... years ago!

    this is not mine.....btw
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  7. Sophia,
    that bag is gorgeous!!!
    Regina :tup:
  8. Is it possible to make Speedy in Damier Canvas in size 35?
  9. Is it possible to have SO on TREVI Mono and MULTIPLI-CITE Damier?
  10. yep, you can do this!

  11. Really? That's great!
    Do you know how much would it cost and how long do I have to wait?
  12. How weird I should come across this tonight. I was just on the lv website looking at passport covers and as tempting as it was to get a little something before the price increase I just couldn't do it cause I keep thinking about a vernis one. Hopefully one day they'll release them or at least let us special order them.
  13. thank you!