The "Special Order" bag I saw at work...


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
This happened maybe a week or two ago, but I just remembered it and thought I'd share with you guys...

At work (I work at a fine dining restaurant as a hostess), one of the first things I notice about a female customer is what bag they're carrying. I occasionally see LVs, but not very often. In general, I don't see many people in Calgary carrying LVs around.

So one night, I was helping a young couple at the door. I noticed that the girl was carrying a Damier bag...but it looked like a Babylone...I thought it must be special order! I didn't want to stare at it because they were waiting for me to bring them over to their table so while they were sitting down I was just looking at the bag, admiring its beauty. I wanted to compliment her bag but was too shy to, so I just left.

When they were finished their dinner, they were at the coat check room and I got their coats for them...while I was handing her her coat, I asked, "I hope you don't mind me asking, but is that a special order Damier bag?"
She replied, "I'm sorry, what?"
I asked, "Did you have that bag special ordered from Louis Vuitton? It's beautiful!"
And she had this smile on her face, "Oh, no! I just got it from the street on New York for really cheap!" :wtf:

I didn't know whether to be embarassed for myself or to be embarrased for her. You hear people asking others whether their authentic bags are fake or not...but you don't hear very often about an LV lover asking a person carrying a fake whether their fake was an SO...*sigh* I was so disappointed...but I have to admit, that was one GOOD fake because it definitely looked like the Babylone...and I know Damier can be SO'ed, but I never expected a fake SO!


Jul 28, 2006
Karman the replica's out there are high end looking now so it is very deceiving. I was scammed on ebay and got a high end replica papillon and unless you look for details it could pass as real. The canvas looks almost the same as me real ones which is scary. I do not use it because I am too picky and the thought of carrying a fake makes me feel ill. I would not be able to take pride in carrying a replica it is like lying or is just plain bad...the fact that the girl was proud is strange in itself.


Feb 14, 2006
OMG I laughed out when I read the last part. How could she even admit that she got it off from the street!? Well, I'm just going to accept the fact that I'm the stupid one who's willing to pay thousands of dollars to get a canvas bag, which supports morality, craftsmanship, and the original design.