The "special" feeling when I carry a LV, rop

  1. I wore my MJ Blake yesterday and like it alot. It's a sharp bag but it doesn't have that "special" feeling I get from LV.

    I wonder why that is....I thought it might be that with a new LV you always have to pay full price (the MJ was 50% off) and that LV has the boutique experience. I don't think it's that LV is better quality cuz I think my MJ is the same or better quality than my LVs.

    Do you know what I am talking about? Do you get that "special" feeling when carrying a LV? If so, why do you think that is?
  2. When I went from carrying a fake one to a real one, it was a wonderful feeling. Before, when people asked me if it was real, I would have to say no. But I was in a hotel gift shop a couple weeks ago and I was carrying my Speedy and the woman at the counter goes, "I hate to ask you this, but is that real?" I got to answer, "Yes! Yes, it is!"

    I'll be at the movie theatre and I'll sit down and put my bag on the seat next to me, and I'll be subconsciously thinking, "That's my Louis's seat."

    I think the misconception of Louis Vuitton is that all they carry is bags that cost over $1,000. (I thought that, too, at one time.) So to see people like us carrying a bag they think costs over $1,000, that's kind of a big thing to them.
  3. Maybe the idea that Louis Vuitton is a status symbol is just ingrained, I mean, lots of people drive Mercedes just because it's a Mercedes. Anyways, I do get a special feeling, but maybe that's just some incredible brand loyalty at work as well. :biggrin:
  4. I get a special feeling....because I absolutely love them!! I love all my bags and accessories just like they were part of my family. (I know that sounds nuts, but I am addicted to bags!) I don't really care what other people think of my long as I know it's real and love it, that's all I care about.
  5. Oh yes, I definitely feel a special feeling carrying a real Louis,
    It's as if I am saying, yes, I made it, I am living the American Dream.
    I know, silly, but there's something special about carrying it.
  6. i always get that feelings when i take my designer bags. especially lv and balenciaga.
    but also the fact that ut's an LV doesn't hurt. people respected u more, at least my client does :P
    and when i got o boutiques using my best bags, they are nicer to me. i know it's shallow, but that's what happen
  7. I don't get one from LV specifically, but all of my high end bags give me a good feeling when I wear them.
  8. I know the feeling and I have tried to analyze where it comes from and I just don't get it. I've been carrying my balenciaga city for 2 weeks now (I'm at my apt at school, the rest of my bags are home) and while I love the hell out of it, I find myself more psyched to go out when carrying an LV. I don't get it.
  9. Same here!:yes:
  10. there is something about carrying a LV that is indiscribable. You aren't just carrying an expensive bag, you are carrying history, You are carrying the same bag as queens, heads of state, audrey have over a hundred years of the elite on your shoulder, arm or hand....thats one damn amazing bag
  11. wow,that is the best thing i have read all day! well said! :yes:
  12. y thank you:graucho: