The space ship has landed.. Live reveal!

  1. Got the delivered notification and jumped in my car to rescue my space ship from the front porch as i saw clouds forming on the sky....

    Ms. Spaceship comes from a far away planet where people are way more fancy than me here in Beach Town.

    Will she want to stay with me? Will i be able to offer adequate fancyness to carry her?

  2. Can't wait! What did you get?
  3. Look, she brought me a present
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380220775.506018.jpg
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380220878.032643.jpg
    A present from Planet Purple!
  6. Wow this came quick! Do you love your Caroline? The shoes are adorable!
  7. Those shoes are so cute!
  8. Cute shoes. Love the buckle detail.
  9. Those shoes are super cute! I bet they'll go great with lots of different outfits. Congrats!
  10. Love the shoes but wanna see the bag!
  11. Whoa!!!
  12. Oh baby! I see something beautiful. :yes:
  13. I so want that bag!
  14. Hurry up! She's my bag, too! Open! Open! Open!!!! :d
  15. I live near jacksonville so she didn't have to travel long.
    What a stunner!!! I do love her!!!! All the things i wanted in one bag! I wanted a larger satchel, zip top, gathered leather, and black violet... And i only had to buy one bag to get them all!

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