The Soup

  1. Does anybody watch this show ? its a great weekly rap up of all the crazy shows we love to watch ?

    I think its hilarious :lol:
    I did prefer it when Greg Kinnear was the presenter, he was much easier on the eyes, anyway its a great show.
    [​IMG] Greg Kinnear
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    A handsome, wry broadcaster turned actor with a flair for deadpan satire, Greg Kinnear gained notice for his smug, mock-sincere sarcasm and bemused takes on "Talk Soup" (1991-94). This daily compilation of talk show highlights emphasizing the grotesque and bizarre became the most popular program on E! Entertainment TV and a favorite among many entertainment executives, including NBC president… See Full Greg Kinnear Biography
  2. OMG!!! I LOVE that show!!! Joel cracks me up!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: I don't think I've ever seen it with Greg as a host.
  3. I love the soup, and I think that Joel McHale is hilarious.
  4. Love the Soup- just don't get to watch it that often! Loved Greg Kinnear as well! Did not like Henson (whatever the guy's name is with the patch of white hair)? Great show though!
  5. I watch it every friday at 10. I love it! Some things that they poke fun at is hilarious...
  6. Used to watch it religously when Greg was hosting it and watched for a bit when John Henson took over. But haven't watched it in years.
  7. i love it too.... that and BEST WEEK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I love it! I love Joel McHale, and I love how he introduces the show's segments.

    And I love the segments' names:

    Chicks, Man

    Let's Take Some E!

    Kick Ass Clip of the Week

    Talk Stew ("So meaty!")

    What You're Boyfriend's Watching

    What The Kids Are Watching

    And I love his comments after each clip.
  9. I kind of remember when Greg Kinnear was hosting it, he was funny but so very sarcastic! Out of all of the talk soup hosts he was the best I think! And on a side note, he went to a private high school near my house in Athens, Greece. The school is still in existence today and he is still in some of the older year books! I'm not sure which year he graduated but I'm thinking it was late 70's. He was actively involved in drama/theatre and all that even back then and it seems he was the popular type!
  10. I love Joel McHale too! bUt one of my brothers thinks he's Joel McHale, and that's annoying!
  11. Love that show!
  12. No one has mentioned Hal Sparks...I kinda liked him too. I love this show. My favorite part of the show is Lou the Chihuahua. LOU!!!!!!