The Sopranos

  1. Don't forget- tonight on HBO!!!:yahoo:
  2. Can't wait!! DH and I have been waiting soooooo long!!!

  3. I am sooo there! LOL
  4. beyond excited...the only show i watch on tv!:yahoo:
  5. Me and DH's favorite show!!! Well, now that it's back on. I can't believe only 8 more episodes and it's gone!!!
  6. Traci I didn't know that!! Same here - dh and I watched On Demand last night of the last episode from last season where Carmella got the LV wallet from Tony and bought a Kelly bag in Paris....
  7. ^^Wow!!! I can't believe all the times we talk and we never once mentioned the Sopranos!!!!
  8. So disappointing.
  9. The most brilliant show on TV - a pop culture masterpiece! I love that it's back and can't imagine not being able to watch it anymore - such a loss to TV.
  10. ITA...:yes:
  11. thoughts on tonights episode....adirondack 'getaway' and all - intense!
  12. I thought the show was good for opening the season but then again I love the show so much I may be partial!!..
  13. aynone else get a sense of foreboding when they mentioned their dry cleaner's child's near drowning?
  14. I just love the show...I really enjoyed curling up on my husbands new chair in the living room, watching the madness.
  15. Absolutely - I kept waiting for Janice's little girl to fall into the lake!